Wondering what the stars are doing at TIFF? We’ve got the very best festival parties coverage!

By Zach Harper

It’s that time of year again! The temperatures are beginning to cool, the days are getting shorter and the stars are descending upon Toronto for TIFF!

TIFF 2019 is set to feature the best in movies and TV yet again this year, and stars from Jennifer Lopez and Joaquin Phoenix to Renee Zellweger and Natalie Portman are expected to be in town for the launch of their films, some of which are getting huge Oscar buzz.

Of course, with any film festival there are sure to be dozens of parties, and TIFF is no exception. In fact, the festival has made a name for itself throughout its history for the incredible industry bashes thrown throughout the extravaganza, from premiere afterparties to big brand shindigs to entertainment outlets going all out. It’s glitzy, it’s full of glam, and nobody wants to miss a single minute of it!

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Thankfully, Hello! Canada has renowned TIFF parties expert and veteran Jen Kirsch covering this year’s biggest bashes. She’s been invited to some of this year’s hottest parties, and if you’re hoping to hear what some of your favourite stars were doing, she’s got the latest scoops. Expect to hear about celebs dancing up a storm like Keira Knightley was last year, or causing a stir with their rap skills like Natalie.

Jen saw Keira Knightley prompt a dance party during TIFF 2018. Photo: © Getty Images

Jen will check in with a daily recap that you can read right here on Hello! Canada each morning about what she saw the night before. If you’re looking for up-to-the-minute info on what’s happening on the party scene (and which celebs have shown up near you) head over to Hello! Canada’s Twitter account. Jen will be tweeting each evening from bashes she’s attending using the hashtag #jensTIFFbits. Expect some incredible insights and photos of the stars getting their party on!

Jen has been attending TIFF parties for years and has some amazing stories! Photo: © George Pimentel

Hello! Canada caught up with Jen to ask her what we can expect from her coverage this year. Here’s what she had to say.

Hello! Canada: What does this year’s TIFF party scene have in store for readers? What can they expect? What are your top 3-5 highlights?

Jen Kirsch: When I heard that Grey Goose was no longer doing their coveted cast parties at Soho House this year and ET Canada was no longer doing their annual gig, I was somewhat worried that the party scene would be more dull than usual, but the stars they are a shining. RBC House will by far be the locale of note, where eight private cast parties and two private concerts (both major Canadian artists of note) will take place over the first weekend of TIFF.

I expect the St. Regis Hotel, which is celebrating their first inaugural TIFF in Toronto, to be abuzz with celebrities floating in and out of the Moet pop-up on the main floor, through the Hollywood Reporter lounge for portraits and some down time and of course, drinking, dining and indulging in the glamourous Louix, Louis restaurant. The hottest ticket in town is by far the Hollywood Foreign Press party at Four Seasons Hotel and, mark my words, an A list are-they-or-aren’t-they power couple will be making it known they very-much-so ARE this weekend at one of the INK entertainment restaurants. Hush hush.

Nicolas Cage will be on hand for The Creative Coalition 11th Annual Spotlight Initiative Awards hosted at Nordstrom Supper Suit at MARBL on Sept. 7. Photo: © Getty Images

What are you most looking forward to at TIFF this year?

One of the aforementioned private concerts taking place at RBC House this Saturday and of course, dining with Nicolas Cage this Saturday evening at the Supper Suit at MARBL.

Can you share a cool, wild, wacky or fun (or all of the above) celebrity moment from TIFFs past and why you enjoyed it so much?

Alexander Skarsgård teaching me how to do a shot of scotch like a lady.

Honestly, if Alexander taught us how to do a shot of scotch properly, we’d probably just melt right into the scotch. Photo: © Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images for RBC

Who are you most hoping to see this year?

Excited to sit down with Jane Fonda near the end of TIFF for our scheduled tete a tete. Iconic, I think so.

What do you love most about going to TIFF parties each year?

The electric energy that takes over Toronto and the knowing that no matter what happens, I’ll be there to share the scoop with readers.

Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

Don’t ask to be a plus one. Don’t say ’Tis the season. Don’t show up at a party uninvited. And never under any circumstances name drop.

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