Jennifer Lopez tries to prank Ellen DeGeneres – and fails in spectacular fashion

If you’re a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres, you know from watching her talk show that she is the Queen of Pranks. From sneaking up on guests and scaring them to her “Ellen in the Ear” segments in which she places celebrities in situations with earpieces in which she tells them ludicrous things to say, she’s made a name for herself in the practical jokes department.

On Sept. 16, Ellen tried to launch a new game called “The Voice… On the Phone” in which she tries to guess the identity of celebrities dialing in to the show. On the other end was a star who attempted to conceal her identity with a ridiculous accent. Trying to guess who it was, Ellen asked the mystery caller if she was a comedian. When the host replied with an affirmative, Ellen asked her for a joke.

The caller’s identity was blown when she yelled off the phone, “give me a joke” and started laughing.

“I already know who it is by the laugh,” Ellen grinned. “It’s Jennifer Lopez.”

It’s pretty hard to get anything by Ellen!

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The two then spent the rest of J.Lo’s “appearance” on Ellen’s show talking about Hustlers, which made a whopping US$33.2 million at the box office on its opening weekend. It had its world premiere at TIFF the weekend before, and is getting Jennifer major Oscar buzz. Ellen also asked J.Lo to address the rumour that she’s performing at the 2020 Super Bowl.

“I don’t know that I am. Don’t make up a story,” the superstar replied.

“We are setting the intention,” Ellen joked. “You know how that is. You visualize it, you say it, and you will be amazing because there is just no better performer. You live is just the best performance ever.”

To be clear, it has not been announced that J.Lo will be performing at the Super Bowl… yet. And it may not be announced at all. If it is, we will let you know.

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