#HelloToKindness: Tell us how you're taking care of others and yourself during the coronavirus pandemic

If you've been a longtime Hello! reader, you'll know we highly value kindness and generosity. Like you, we're always touched when we see royals and celebrities taking the time and making the effort to spread cheer, help people or contribute small acts of care. That's why we created the #HelloToKindness campaign in an effort to spread good will online. And we could all do with a little bit of kindness right now as the coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold rapidly.

It's important we don't lose sight of community as we self-isolate in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. In his near-daily addresses to the nation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has encouraged Canadians to check in with each other over the phone and internet, making sure anyone ill gets the care they need and no one is left emotionally isolated and vulnerable while they're staying inside. We couldn't agree more about how vital this is right now.

In just the last few weeks, we've seen musicians starting to hold digital concerts to keep their fans going, and we've heard about and participated in. As an example, Hello! Canada's Zach Harper has been having musical video hangouts with his friends. They've been singing covers of favourite songs and playing ukulele, piano and guitar. It's a good way to hang out from afar, check in with each other, do something fun and also do our part to help stop the virus from spreading. Toronto collective Choir! Choir! Choir! has been having epic group singalongs on Facebook Live.

What we've seen from celebrities and royals in the last week is very encouraging, from e-concerts to stars reading books aloud on Instagram Live. One of the most beautiful things about people is when a crisis rears its head, we not only work together to overcome it and keep each other going. We'd love to use #HelloToKindness to help spread these little acts of kindness even further and help make them even more visible.

We want to hear about the ways you're staying kind in an uncertain and difficult time.

Did you call a friend? Have an e-hangout? Create a Zoom channel to encourage people in your community to talk to each other and ask for help when they need it?

Maybe you picked up someone's prescription for them and dropped it off in their mailbox.

Maybe you dropped off books at a "little library" on your street because the big libraries are closed.

Perhaps you bought someone groceries and arranged for them to be delivered because they or someone they're close to have COVID-19 and can't leave the house right now.

Maybe you simply told someone how much they mean to you by saying, "I love you."

There's so many ways to be kind and we need to put them to good use right now! We want you to tell us about it, too!

Please let us know how you're taking care of others – and yourself – during this very anxiety-provoking time. You can share your acts of kindness with us below, or use the #HelloToKindness on Instagram (we're at @hellocanadamag) and Twitter (our handle is @HelloCanada) to spread good deeds on social media. If you share your stories with us on Instagram and Twitter, please be sure to include photos, as it helps everyone to see kindness in action in addition to reading about it. If you don't have social media, you can email us a photo with your story at contact@hellomagazine.caWe may share some of your acts of good will – along with those done by celebrities – in an online story and possibly in an issue of Hello! Canada magazine.

We're wishing you and those you love well.

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