Vote for your favourite photo from the Canada Covid Portrait challenge this week!

This week brings us even more incredible photos in the Canada Covid Portrait challenge! The selection below features images from New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and British Columbia, capturing what life has been like for Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic. You'll see the importance of family, getting outside in nature and how people have been adapting to these still relatively new, different circumstances in their lives.

We'd like to know which of these images is your favourite. You can vote in the poll below, but first, here's some information about each of them.

Photo: © Marley Harris

Marley Harris's photo shows her family during a recent trip to Saint Anne and Bouctouche in New Brunswick. Going to the beach might be more difficult for many of us these days. But getting outside is important, and families continue to make it a priority during the COVID age, especially if they have little ones.

Photo: © Rachael Blakey

Rachael Blakey's photo was taken in New Brunswick as well, and shows a sign outside a sports field indicating that the facilities were closed until further notice. This is something many of us are probably used to seeing over the last few months with the lockdowns that have been instituted across the country and are starting to be slowly lifted in many places.

Photo: © Katrin Faridani

Katrin Faridani's photo shows a woman with her dog at Wasaga Beach just north of Toronto. It shows how important it is for all of us – including animals – to go into nature during these times and get exercise!

"After our mom passed, my sister and I took a couple of days to get out of the city," she said. "We went to Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain, and while at the dog beach in Wasaga, I saw this woman in the water with her friend's dog named Lady. She was in the water with the dog for a good 40 minutes and the dog wasn't slowing down, so I approached them and asked if I could take a few photos, and she said as long as her face wasn't in the shot. She said she brings the dog here every day and that it's her favourite time of day because she sees how much Lady enjoys herself and how happy she is knowing they are coming back here."

Photo: © Tammy Hart

Tammy Hart's photo shows her son, Brody, playing hockey in the backyard in Surrey, B.C. When his spring hockey season was cancelled due to COVID-19, the family improvised, knowing it was important that Brody stay active.

"When his coaches offered to provide stick handling training sessions by Zoom, we jumped on it and Brody started Zoom hockey sessions three times a week (rain or shine!) in our backyard with his coaches and friends in mid-April.

"Thankfully, the rinks are starting to slowly (but at limited capacity) open up in B.C. now, so Brody has been able to get to participate in some hockey camps so far this summer, but to compensate for the limited ice time, he continues his sessions with Coach Linden and Coach Kirk twice a week. So thankful to the coaches to help keep Brody active and outside during the lockdown!"

Photo: © Tony Mandl

Tony Mandl's photo shows a rare sight that's become more common during the coronavirus pandemic – an empty escalator in the Montreal metro system. The famous "moving carpet" at Beaudry station is one of the longest escalators in the world.

Photo: © Stacey Rosenberg

Stacey Rosenberg's photo shows her moving through the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto while wearing a mask. The AGO is just starting to reopen, along with many other museums across Toronto and Ontario, and new regulations say visitors must wear masks.

Photo: © Sue Sageman

Sue Sageman's image shows her two grandsons, Gabriel, 3, and CJ, 5, wearing Canada Day outfits to celebrate the recent holiday. Family has become even more important during the pandemic, and people will likely be able to really relate to this image.

"Throughout this time, [the children] have been glad to have each other (mostly)," Sue said.

Photo: © Len Wagg

Len Wagg's photo will touch Canadians' hearts and truly exemplifies the spirit of togetherness during this pandemic. It shows a "street pantry" in Halifax in April, set up to help those who are homeless or under-housed.

"It is tough to isolate when you live on the street," Len said.

So, which of these photos is your favourite? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

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