Jennifer Garner opens up about her 'worst parenting moments'

By Heather Cichowski

Jennifer Garner appeared on a recent episode of the Dear Media podcast Raising Good Humans with host Dr. Aliza Pressman . In the episode, the actress talked about coronavirus quarantine with her kids, the new school year and her experiences as a mom of three. True to form, the 48-year-old was her candid, funny and insightful self. She even opened up about her "worst parenting moments."

Jennifer revealed that she considered the times she felt embarrassed to be the less-than-stellar moments of being a parent.

"I will say that my worst parenting moments, the ones that come back that haunt me, are moments where I felt embarrassed," she said in the podcast.

The actress continued, "Where I felt judged as a mom and I felt embarrassed by my kids' behaviour and I was a horrible mom in those moments."

Dr. Aliza agreed with Jen, and both women shared a laugh.

"...For sure, that is when I just am like, well, 'who am I to take on, as if this is a reflection on me or who they're going to be, or what or anything,' like...just hush up and get out of it gracefully," the mom of three elaborated.

Jennifer also revealed she had "a kid on her lap right now" who "threw a tantrum in a bathroom at Disneyland once."

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"She didn't want to wash her hands, but we were at Disneyland," the actress recalled the incident. "And I saw people staring at me and recognizing me and watching me parent.

"And I got so embarrassed in front of them. I snatched this one up [indicating her child] and stuffed her hands under the sink. And I was so hardcore about it," laughed Jen.

She admitted, "And I still think of it."

"Sorry, honey," the mom said to her daughter.

"It messes with you so much when you worry about how other people are going to participate in this whole human being that you're connected to for life and supporting," responded Dr. Aliza. "It's like, yeah, we should all agree to, as a gesture of humanity to never, ever look at how anybody else is doing their thing, because we're all doing it."

Jennifer agreed. "Yep. We really are. And everyone just needs space to try to get through their day as best they can."

The women had previously discussed the importance of taking a breath in a stressful situation to help clear emotions and thoughts from spiralling.

Jennifer is mom to Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, and Samuel, 8. She recently shared a hilarious video of how she got involved in her daughter's fifth-grade history class during the COVID-19 lockdown remote learning. She taught the students the art of "genteel refinement!"

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