Kristen Bell throws her support behind husband Dax Shepard after his recent relapse

By Vrunda Bhatt, with files from Zach Harper

Late last month, Dax Shepard said he'd relapsed after 16 years of sobriety. The 45-year-old Hit and Run star spoke about it on his podcast, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.

Now Kristen Bell, his wife and former co-star, has spoken out to support him, and she’s completely in his court.

"I will continue to stand by him because he's very, very worth it," Kristen said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "He is actually doing really great. Everybody is up against their own demons. Sometimes it's anxiety and depression. Sometimes it's substance abuse."

In August, Dax revealed he'd had a motorcycle accident that left him needing surgery and with broken bones. A month later, Dax revealed he'd used painkillers after the accident, but quickly found himself taking them "all day."

"I'm allowed to be on them at some dosage because I have a prescription, and then I'm also augmenting that," he said on his podcast on Sept. 25. "Then all the prescriptions ran out, and I'm now just taking 30mL oxys that I've bought.

"Again, in my addict-y brain, I'm like, 'I'm not taking them after four so I can sleep. I'm taking stool softener so I'm not constipated. I'm doing all the dishes and I'm being a dad and I'm interviewing people and the interviews seem to be going pretty well, and it's feeling pretty manageable.'"

Eventually, he realized he'd relapsed, and also heartbreakingly shared that he'd been high during the celebration for his sobriety anniversary.

Like Kristen, Dax’s fans praised him for his honesty.

"The part that truly broke me was your real fear of letting people down or being judged," a podcast listener wrote on Instagram. "You are beyond loved and so much more respected for being real and vulnerable. Thank you for your heart and truth."

Frozen actress Kristen also said she and Dax are going back to therapy and she would always support him.

"The thing I love most about Dax is that he was able to tell me and tell us and say, 'We need a different plan,'" she said. "We have a plan: If he has to take medication for any reason, I have to administer it. But he was like, 'We need a stronger plan. '"

Kristen also told Ellen she admires that her husband is "addicted to evolving."

"He was like, 'I don't want to risk this family and I did, so let's put new things in place to make sure it doesn't happen again,'" she shared.

These two have been married since 2013, and have remained one of Hollywood's strongest couples, partly by taking things a day at a time.

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