Ellen DeGeneres gives an update on Portia de Rossi's health after her emergency appendectomy

By Zach Harper

Portia de Rossi was rushed to hospital in severe pain on March 19, and had an emergency appendectomy after a doctor determined she had appendicitis. The 48-year-old has since returned home, and Ellen DeGeneres, her wife, gave fans an update on how her spouse of 12 years is doing.

In her opening monologue for her March 23 show, the comedian revealed Portia had not been feeling well early last Friday evening and went to bed very early: 7:30 p.m. Ellen followed about half an hour later, and the two fell asleep. But Ellen said she later woke up to discover Portia wasn't in bed with her anymore, and her wife's pain had gotten so bad she was on the floor.

"I'm like, 'Baby, are you okay?' And she says, 'Yeah, I'm okay.' And I said, 'Well, you're okay if you're playing Twister by yourself, but you're not okay. You're on the floor," Ellen said, joking to bring some humour to what was undoubtedly an upsetting situation.

The two went to the hospital, but Ellen said due to COVID-19, she was told she couldn't stay and had to go home. She said that was so upsetting she cried, kidding that it was because "someone was chopping onions at the nurse's station."

Portia went in for emergency surgery, her appendix was removed and she returned home on March 22.

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"I am happy to report Portia is feeling much better now," Ellen said. "She came home late yesterday... Not all of her. She left her appendix at the hospital. I'm going to auction off the appendix for charity. I'm kidding – it's gonna go on eBay."

Many people who have had appendicitis have said the pain they experienced is some of the worst they've ever had in their lives and is completely debilitating, making them double over, just as Portia did.

Ellen and Portia have not had an easy few months, health-wise. Ellen tested positive for COVID-19 in December, and also recovered at home. Portia also returned a positive result on a COVID test.

We're glad to hear Portia is feeling better after her appendectomy, and that doctors managed to take care of her health issue safely and effectively. Get well soon, Portia!

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