Inside George Clooney's lavish bachelor party in Venice

The night before George Clooney's lavish September wedding to his beautiful barrister bride, Amal Alamuddin, the actor enjoyed a last-minute bachelor party in Venice. George and his best friends celebrated with a five-course meal at Ristorante Da Ivo in Venice, which he reportedly booked just 10 minutes before the group's arrival.

Giovanni Fracassi, the manager of the restaurant near St Mark's Square, revealed details of the 53-year-old's evening, which saw the group rack up a $5,600 (CA) bill.

"No he didn't pay for his night, I didn't want him to," Giovanni revealed, adding that the tip was "not much, like you would do for a friend."


The group included Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Gerber, George's manager, his co-producer and two other people that Giovanni didn't recognize.

Despite getting married the next day George didn't hold back on sampling the Italian cuisine and dined on five courses and three ice creams.

Giovanni said: “For a man getting married 10 hours later, he was really eating a lot. He sent back for seconds of a big plate of risotto, both times wiping his plate clean with chunks of bread.


“Then I gave him some Dai Dai mint and chocolate ice creams. He really likes them. He ate three and took three with him to eat in his room.”

The party enjoyed a selection of Italian dishes including antipasto, pasta with truffles, two helpings of mushroom risotto, strawberries with vinegar, and zabaglione, a dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and marsala wine.

The manager admitted that he was shocked to see the Hollywood star arrive, after booking only minutes earlier: "I was very surprised when I saw who it was. Venice has many nicer restaurants than mine.


"After the preparations I went to welcome them, and once out from the boat, he just said, Ciao, Giovanni. You could see he was happy. He was wearing an Armani suit; he was so elegant."

George was so pleased with the food that he went into the kitchen after the meal and kissed the cook, Giorgina Mazzero.

Previous celebrity diners at Ristorante Da Ivo include Elton John, Sting, Colin Firth and Ewan McGregor.

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