Victoria Beckham gives us healthy eating inspiration on Instagram

The fashion designer shared a glimpse at another of her healthy breakfasts

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Victoria Beckham is inspiring her fans to get their week off to a healthy start with a glimpse at another of her nutritious breakfasts. The fashion designer shared a video of her breakfast on Instagram Stories on Monday, and it was different to the scrambled eggs and fresh smoothies we've seen her make in recent weeks.

Instead, the mum-of-four served up a selection of fresh fruits, including sliced kiwi, pineapple chunks, pomegranate seeds and grapes, which were all presented in individual bowls on the dining table. "Good morning!!! Happy Monday! x" Victoria captioned the post.

STORY: Victoria Beckham cooks a healthy breakfast for her team


Victoria Beckham served fresh fruit for breakfast on Monday

Victoria has been sharing regular glimpses at her morning routine in recent weeks, and showed that she still makes time to cook up a healthy breakfast even when she's away from home. During her visit to Boston on Thursday, where she was working on her collaboration with Reebok, the health-conscious star cooked scrambled eggs served with fresh avocado for her team, which she served along with her daily dose of apple cider vinegar.

MORE: How to make Victoria Beckham's healthy breakfast cereal

And the doting mum ensures that her children all eat a balanced diet too, swapping sugary breakfast cereals for her homemade equivalent, which she calls Cacao Crunch cereal. Victoria shared the recipe for the cereal on Instagram last week, revealing that it contained just oats, almonds, cacao powder, chia seeds and maple syrup. "The kids will love this at breakfast tomorrow! With organic almond milk and topped with berries!" Victoria captioned one of the videos.


The fashion designer cooked scrambled eggs for her team in Boston

On days when she's not making her own breakfast, Victoria enjoys a bowl of a different sprouted grain breakfast cereal, which she told fans was "perfect with organic unsweetened almond milk". Or other days she'll blend a "green monster" smoothie for all the family, with a mix of apples, kiwis, lemons, spinach, broccoli and chia seeds.

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