Canada's stylist to the stars Brad Goreski: 'My mom is my number one fan'

It may be the Fourth of July, but when we caught up with Canadian native and L.A.-based celebrity stylist Brad Goreski in New York City earlier this week, he was feeling the love for the True North.

“Happy Canada Day,” he gleefully told Hello! on July 1 when we met him at the star-studded Mr. Clean Summer Fashion party. Brad, who has styled actresses from Jessica Alba to Demi Moore, was on hand to curate a special summer fashion show.

Following that, he sat down with us to talk family, royalty and why Canadians really do deserve the title of the nicest people in the world.

Actress Jordana Brewster and Brad Goreski. Photo: © Getty

Since this is a Mr. Clean party, describe your own cleaning philosophy. Are you neat or messy? I’m very neat and tidy. I have my odd moment, but I follow my grandmother’s rules: once you take something out of the cupboard, you have to put it back. And, as you cook, you clean as you go. I’m a Leo, I’m a stylist and I like things to look a certain way. You could also call me Mr. Clean! [Laughs]

A lot of Canadians see you as an inspiration – going from Port Perry, Ont., to L.A. What advice would you give to those who have the same drive? I think the thing that I relied on the most was honestly, letting things happen organically. I kind of had an idea of where and what I wanted to do in fashion and I really let things unfold the way that they’re going to unfold, obviously working really hard. I think that Canadian sensibility in America works really well because people say all of the time how nice I am! I don’t know if that’s just my makeup or being Canadian. I know it sounds cliché but it’s very much just being yourself and people will recognize this. I feel really lucky. I can’t believe I get to do the things that I get to do.

What do your family and friends think of your success? My mom’s my number one fan. She’s so delighted and so proud of me. It’s nice to still have the same boyfriend, the same friends, everything’s just the same. I love where I’m from and I love how I grew up and that I was encouraged to be who I was supposed to be. Thank God for my parents. Even though sometimes they were like, “What are you wearing?” they let me.

We are huge fans of the Duchess of Cambridge at Hello! What do you think of her style? Flawless. Beautiful. I think she’s become an icon very quickly and also someone who is looked at as having aspirational style. I think she’s a marker in our society that we’re actually kind of craving.

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