Vivienne Westwood opens up about her famed relationship with Malcolm McLaren

Vivienne Westwood is a treasured global fashion icon, but her rise to stardom wasn’t always so smooth.

In her upcoming eponymous memoir, the 73-year-old doyenne opens up about her rocky and enigmatic relationship with Malcolm McLaren, best known as the former manager of the Sex Pistols.

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“I didn’t want him for my boyfriend. He didn’t look after himself. And I started trying to cook for him a bit and stuff like that,” Vivienne writes. “And, well, that’s how it started. He wasn’t well one time and he didn’t have a bed.”

In her writing, the striking septuagenarian describes the relationship as a matter of circumstance. “So I made him sleep in my bed in the daytime to get over a fever, and he stayed in there for days and then he wouldn’t get out. And that was how we ended up having sex,” Vivienne adds.

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The union would later give way to the Brit’s second child, Agent Provocateur co-founder Joseph Corré, but even carrying Malcolm's baby didn't spark the flames of love.

Vivienne reveals that amidst the chaos of being pregnant, she still didn’t want to be in a relationship with Malcolm. She writes, “The point is, I didn’t want Malcolm at first, but I did, in fact, end up getting pregnant by him. Even then, I didn’t really want him.”

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While advancing her career, the fiery-haired designer says she wasn’t a fit mother.

“I neglected my children because I had to do certain things, which meant that I couldn’t be there for them – in order to do ‘fashion,’ because, at that time, I thought fashion was a kind of crusade,” she pens in her upcoming memoir.

Vivienne Westwood will be in book stores on Oct. 9.

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