Vivienne Westwood's latest collection pays tribute to Prince Charles

Vivienne Westwood is expressing her love of the British monarchy through fashion. The eccentric designer paid homage to Prince Charles during her latest fashion show at Milan Men's Fashion Week on Monday, Jan 19.

“I want to pay tribute to Prince Charles and the great job he’s doing,” she said, while sporting a t-shirt emblazoned with a portrait of the royal as she took to the catwalk for her bow.

The designer wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the royal’s face as she took to the catwalk

She went on to praise the future King, citing how he has used his royal status as a way of championing organic farming and raising awareness of climate change.

“If Prince Charles had ruled the world according to his priorities during the last 30 years, we would be all right and we would be tackling climate change,” she concluded.

Many of the items in the collection featured Prince Charles’ visage

Vivienne had included the royal heavily in her collection, with his face printed on several items of clothing from her latest menswear line.

There was also a nod to the Prince’s style through the presence of tweed, tailored suits and houndstooth coats.

The Queen also featured - in the form of a pound note-emblazoned suit

Prince Charles wasn’t the only royal to feature in Vivienne’s show – the Queen’s face was also printed on handbags and accessories via pound notes.

Prince Charles’ style was referenced with the use of tweed and tailored suits

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