Anna Wintour wandered aimlessly in MSG basement after Kanye West's fashion show

Anna Wintour may be one of the most influential people in the fashion industry, but she still doesn't know every nook of the creative spaces designers choose to show their collections. The Vogue editor-in-chief attended Kanye West's presentation at Madison Square Garden in New York earlier this year, where she found herself in a pickle after the show.

Pictures from 38-year-old Kanye's event show Anna, 66, sitting alone for half an hour, but she hadn't created a force field to keep D-list celebrities away; she was just waiting for Kim Kardashian and co. to take their seats.

TAP TO VIEW FULL GALLERYKim Kardashian sitting with Anna Wintour at Kanye's fashion show Anna Wintour tried to slip away from Kanye West's fashion show

Anna was then treated to/endured a performance from rapper Kanye, before he showed his new Yeezy designs. Appearing on Late Night with Seth Myers, Anna revealed Kanye's best mate Jay-Z slipped away after 45 minutes and she decided to do the same.

Except she ended up slipping away in the basement of Madison Square Garden. Where she wandered around aimlessly for half an hour, almost reduced to tears.

Anna Wintour with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian She ended up in the basement, but isn't holding a grudge

Picture it: Anna in her huge sunglasses, walking around a dark basement and shouting for help in her crisp, British accent. But in a relieving twist of fate, Anna managed to find a security guard who used to be her son's baseball coach, and he led her to freedom.

It's shouldn't be a funny story, but we really can't help but laugh. A lot.

Luckily Anna doesn't seem too traumatised by the events and clearly isn't holding a grudge, as she used the interview to share her love for Kanye's two-year-old daughter North.

But the moral of the story is; don't ever try and leave one of Kanye West's shows early because he will trap you.

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