Roxy Earle on her dream plus-size dress inspired by Meghan Markle and new size-inclusive line

By Meaghan Wray

Roxy Earle puts her money where her mouth is. Rising from the Real Housewives of Toronto stardom with a clear message of fashion-forward body positivity, the 32-year-old has officially launched her own size-inclusive line with Canadian retailer Le Chateau . Ranging from sizes 0-22W, Roxy wants to make sure everyone can be stylish – and size is no question. “For a long time, I’ve had to sacrificed my personal style,” she shared with Hello! Canada days before the launch. “This is about girls, for the first time in a long time, being able to wear something that they’re truly excited about.” And she’s looking to some sartorially savvy women to inspire the pieces in her collection, from Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney to fellow housewives Joan Kelley Walker and Ann Kaplan Mulholland.

It’s no secret that the Toronto native is a lover of all things fashion. From her stylish appearances on the Slice network show to her glamorous Instagram snaps while traveling with her beautiful family of four – tech entrepreneur and banker Raghu Kilambi and his two young sons. In between trips and giving lots of love to her adorable pup, Lola, Roxy has carved out a space for herself in the fashion world and isn’t budging anytime soon.

Leading up to the launch, the brunette beauty opened up to Hello! Canada about what her new clothing line means to her, tips on shopping as a plus-size bride and the vision behind her wedding gown inspired by the Duchess of Sussex.

Roxy's line with Le Chateau launched in Toronto on June 16

What was your shopping experience like as a young woman?I’ve always been curvy but I didn’t start breaking the barrier on what traditional sizing was until I was in my 20s.My whole life I’ve loved fashion, [but] it never loved me back … I’ve spent so many hours in fitting rooms apologizing, “I’m so sorry this doesn’t fit me, could I have another size? I’m so sorry, I’m a little big right now, it doesn’t fit me.” Why am I apologizing? They should be apologizing to me.

What do you think this line means to girls who struggle to find fashionable clothes that fit well? There is going to be a girl who stands in a fitting room for the first time this summer and tries something on and it fits her, and she doesn’t have to apologize for the fact that her hips are big or that she is rounder than her sister or that she’s more curvaceous then her best friend. She can just be herself. And that moment – telling her that she also belongs in the same store as everyone else – that’s important and that’s going to change the way girls feel about themselves.

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All of your pieces are made in every size and sold in the same section. What is the significance of that ?I think it’s going to mark a shift. I do hope that this is a moment where retailers take notice and that we’re going to change the fashion industry. There’s no more “you’re not fitting into our standards of what we think is a beautiful body.” Who wants to be told that they’re not welcome because of their body?

She designed a snakeskin jumpsuit inspired by her pal, Jessica Mulroney

Footwear is sometimes a part of fashion that people forget can be made plus-size, too. How has your line addressed that? I really focused on making the shoes comfortable. I made things like chunky blocks and [elastic portions] so it doesn’t dig in, in case you have a bigger ankle. I just tried to be really cautious and respectful of the fact that people want comfort and elegance and beauty.

What was it like shopping for a bridal gown as a curvy woman? I had a really beautiful wedding and I ended up with a beautiful wedding gown. I had my dream set on this designer and I made an appointment in advance to go to her with my mom and sister-in-law … When I got there, I thought I was going to be greeted with champagne and have that whole moment. It was my first time trying on a wedding gown and she looked at me and said, “we don’t have anything for you to try on.” I was able to go have someone custom make a gown for me after that, [but] that’s not what I want girls to feel like. I want to change that experience for women. The wedding gowns [in my line] are very personal.

One of the gowns in your line was inspired by Meghan Markle. What was the inspiration behind that? I named it Meghan because I want girls to know that princess can come in many shapes and sizes. I also believe that Meghan stands for a moment in time that represents change, diversity and girl power. My entire collection is named after women that have inspired me in some way.

One of two wedding dresses in the line were inspired by Meghan Markle

And one piece in your line is named after Jessica Mulroney, too… It’s a snakeskin jumpsuit. She’s somebody I know [and I’ve] been very inspired by her Instagram, which is all about style and she shows a love of her body. All the pieces are named after women and for various reasons. Some famous; some totally unknown.

Speaking of Instagram, what’s your number one tip for nailing the best photo? It’s all about lighting. Natural light will give you the best selfie.

What are three items every woman should have in their summer wardrobe? A little white jumpsuit because it’s fresh and it’s clean.A beautiful floral piece; a romantic floral with a ruffle is great for summer. And a gorgeous nude or brown heel!

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