Naomi Campbell: "My mum taught me how to walk the runway to Lionel Richie"
Naomi Campbell has revealed that she learnt her famous catwalk strut while practising to the sounds of Lionel Richie.

Speaking at the launch of her new show The Face, the supermodel told the audience, "I have my mentor here, my mum. She used to teach me how to walk the runway down the passages to Lionel Richie."

The supermodel also confessed that despite her 27 incredibly successful years in the industry, she still gets nervous when appearing in fashion shows.


"Anything can happen when it's live. I've had a fall, I've lost a skirt, I've had a top fall off", she said.

Naomi, 43, went on to admit that surprisingly, those are the experiences that keep her working in the business.

"I never want to be sure of myself, because if I get to that place I'll never do another show, and I love doing shows."


Naomi poses with other judges Caroline Winberg and Erin O'Connor

Naomi, who rarely gives interviews, also revealed that she was afraid to do television for a long time. She explained that before agreeing to join The Face she had received other television offers, but had always declined.

"It was either to follow my life, which I will never do, or to judge, which I didn't feel comfortable with."

She explained that The Face appealed to her because it gave her the opportunity to share her experiences with young, aspiring models just starting out in the industry.

"Our show is authentic and I try to speak about experiences that I've been through… When I'm talking to them I am talking honestly."

Naomi is joined as a mentor on The Face by fellow models Erin O'Connor and Caroline Winberg, and revealed that despite the three women being close off-camera, they don't let their friendship get in the way on set.

"I am very competitive. The show is a competition between us as well as a competition between the girls; I love my girls and I go through it and I want to protect them, but I want to win. I want the best, I always have… I'm not a good loser."

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