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<strong>By Mishal Cazmi</strong>
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<p><strong><a href="/tags/0/elton-john">Elton John</a></strong>’s bold fashion choices have always been as memorable as his remarkable career trajectory. 
<p>The 72-year-old award-winning singer-songwriter’s eccentric and flamboyant style garnered as much attention as his chart-topping hits like “Bennie and the Jets” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” 
<p>Over the course of a career spanning almost six decades, he worked with some of the best costume designers and fashion houses in the world such as <strong>Bob Mackie</strong>, <strong>Versace</strong>, <strong>Yohji Yamamoto</strong> and <strong>Gucci</strong>. 
<p>Part of Elton’s sartorial showmanship came from the fact that he wasn’t running around the stage like his contemporaries <strong><a href="/tags/0/mick-jagger">Mick Jagger</strong></a> and <a href="/tags/0/david-bowie"><strong>David Bowie</a></strong>. 
<p>“I’m always bloody stuck at the piano, aren’t I? Clothes have always had to be part of the show that I put on,” he recently told <i>The New York Times</i>. 
<p>Elton’s signature sunglasses, just like his extravagant costumes, bolstered his on-stage persona and allowed him to be a fearless performer. 
<p>On the heels of his biopic, <i>Rocketman</i>, we take a look back at some of his most iconic looks.
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Elton John’s top 8 iconic outfits throughout the years

From bug-eyed sunglasses to a bedazzled Dodgers kit, Elton John has been bringing eccentric and over-the-top ensembles to the stage since 1970. On the heels of his biopic, Rocketman, we take a look back at some of his most note-worthy looks.

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