The 10 best 'Mean Girls' quotes

It's been more than a decade since Mean Girls first hit theatres in 2004, but the oft-quoted film is still relevant today thanks to it's many witty one-liners.

While promoting her film A Most Wanted Man at Sundance in 2014, Canadian star Rachel McAdams was asked to identify her favourite quotes from the Lindsay Lohan flick.

"I like the toaster strudel part. I thought that was pretty funny,” Rachel said, referring to Gretchen Wieners' (Lacey Chabert) line: "I don't think my father, the inventor of toaster strudel, would be too pleased with this."

Her second choice, naturally, was: “Is butter a carb?”

While Regina George's picks are undoubtedly hilarious, we've rounded up 10 more popular lines from the film to choose from.

Check out Rachel's answer below and tell us on Facebook: Which quote is your favourite?


1. “You can’t sit with us!” Regina George (Rachel McAdams) breaks the Plastics' fashion rules by wearing sweatpants on Monday... and suffers the consequences.

2. “And I was like, 'why are you so obsessed with me?'” In which Regina explains why she and Janice Ian (Lizzy Caplan) are no longer friends.

3. “You go Glen Coco!” When Damian is passing out candy grams, he gives four to Glen Coco... but none to Gretchen Wieners.

4. “You can go shave your back now.” Regina tells Jason to leave Cady alone in the best way imaginable.

5. “On Wednesdays we wear pink.” Karin Smith (Amanda Seyfried) explains the Plastics fashion rules to Cady.

6. “She doesn’t even go here!” Ok, so the crying girl with a lot of feelings didn't actually go to the school, but she just wanted things to back to how they were!

7. “Stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It’s not going to happen." This is the line that made Gretchen Winers finally crack.

8. “I like, invented her.” Regina is livid when Cady doesn't invite her to her party.

9. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” Regina's mom, played by the hilarious Amy Poehler, is a botox enthusiast reliving her youth through her spoiled daughter.

10. “I’m a mouse. Duh!” Karin explains her Halloween costume, which consists of lingerie and animal ears.

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