Take five with… Laura Vandervoort: Tips for living in LA

Toronto-born bombshell Laura Vandervoort was bitten by the acting bug at a young age, graduating from children’s shows like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark to features with the likes of Jeff Daniels and Mark Wahlberg and, finally, the starring role in the Space series Bitten.

With the season one finale of the supernatural series fast approaching (Apr. 5 on Space), the newly engaged Maxim cover girl shares her thoughts – in her own words – about the city she’s made her new home: Los Angeles.

Nearly three years ago, I moved my life to Los Angeles, California: Palm trees, sun, surfing and that enigmatic Hollywood sign. But I quickly discovered there were many more important aspects to Tinsel Town. Here are the five majorly important things I have learned from living in LA:

  1. THE “IN” CROWD AND CAFFEINE: Hipsters endorse only one place for a proper caffeine jolt: Intelligentsia Coffee. All else apparently does not compare. (Oh… I also discovered what a “hipster” is, and that they dwell in packs in Silverlake.)
  2. HIP TO BE FIT: Living in L.A. has given me more options when it comes to staying fit. Hiking at Runyon or Fryman canyon, exploring Malibu (I've recently tried surfing) and taking the spin classes and hot yoga classes offered everywhere has been amazing!
  3. STAYING CONNECTED: I am so thankful for FaceTime and Skype. As I've travelled growing up, I’ve always stayed in touch with my family and friends. It is so crucial and important to me. Family has always been and will always be a priority. My sister had a baby four months ago and seeing him grow up is one of the greatest things I've experienced thus far. Even if he doesn't understand that the woman in the little screen is his aunt yet, I think hearing my voice is important. My mom and I WhatsApp every day – it makes us feel close. We discuss our day and I catch up on all the family.
  4. ON THE ROAD: You do need a car… but you never have to park. Insanely, valet is everywhere and usually the only option (street cleaning is a daily battle). Most people are very skilled at multitasking while driving in L.A. They’re on the phone, doing makeup, learning lines and talking to themselves in the rearview mirror. I've even seen one playing a ukulele. Dangerous entertainment everywhere… not to mention all the partially nude clothing advertisement billboards on Sunset to distract the male drivers around you.
  5. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: …Take Fountain. It’s generally a great option as it’s a vein here in L.A. to the major streets and rarely busy. But Bette Davis was quoted saying the same thing when asked what advice she would give to young actors. I thought it was hilarious when someone passed it along to me. You expect some serious deep advice and you get: “Honey, take Fountain.”

Photo: Glenn Nutely

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