​Daniel Radcliffe celebrates the debut of his ‘Horns’ trailer by dressing up

It seems Daniel Radcliffe is a trickster.

This weekend, the beloved Harry Potter actor traded his magic wand for a spandex suit, dressing up as Spider-Man at San Diego Comic Con - American accent and all. (Watch out Andrew Garfield!)

The comic con cosplay was perfectly timed with the release of the trailer for Horns, a film that premiered at TIFF 2013 and in which Daniel portrays a young man who grows horns after the death of his girlfriend, played by Juno Temple.

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In the film, the protruding horns present some difficulty for the British actor's character, as they make his presence very apparent. Daniel's character is accused of murdering his girlfriend, but he sets out to find the actual killer and runs into a fair bit of resistance.

The The F-Word actor was at comic con for the first time ever to promote Horns, but his master of disguise routine ensured his appearance wasn’t all work. “I had a whole look. But was great…I took a lot of pictures with people who did not know that it was me,” the 25-year-old star told The Daily Mail.

Watch the trailer for Horns below:

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