Daniel Radcliffe reveals ‘shocking’ truth about Harry Potter character

One of the greatest debates of the Harry Potter universe is why “the boy who lived” wears glasses - in a world where magic spells can fix almost any ailment, one would think that Harry would have no problem conjuring up perfect vision.

Now, actor Daniel Radcliffe has revealed the shocking truth. During a rapid-fire Q&A with Vogue called "73 questions with..." the 25-year-old franchise star was asked to share one fact nobody knows about Harry Potter.

“He really didn’t need glasses. That was just a fashion statement!” he whispers in mock-seriousness.

(Even more shocking? Daniel says his favourite food is poutine!)

His response about the glasses may have been in jest, but there are plenty of of other (true) facts you may not have known about J.K. Rowling’s richly drawn world of witchcraft and wizardry.


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