'If I Stay' star Jamie Blackley on Chloë Grace Moretz, Emma Stone and Charlize Theron

By Jenn McNaughton

His character, high school senior Adam, will do anything for love in the new drama, If I Stay. But although Jamie Blackley swears he’s not a romantic, when we meet the English actor, 23, at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, he’s a lot more like Adam than he thinks (although admittedly not as cool).

“I do dorky things [for love]. I’ve cooked a favourite meal before and gone and surprised my girlfriend if she’s away. Little things, but none of the flowers and that,” he tells HELLO! Online.

Roses or no roses, he will woo you in this love story co-starring Chloë Grace Moretz, his first major role after working alongside Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman and Kate Bosworth in And While We Were Here.

Here, the newcomer opens up about his close-knit family, what he loved about filming in Canada and his latest charismatic co-star, Emma Stone.

You and Chloë have great on-screen chemistry! Did you get along from the start?
I remember being super-nervous when I first met her at my screen test and then realized, “Okay, she’s just normal.” That really helped me out and calmed my nerves.

The film was shot in Vancouver. What did you love most about Canada?
I love that you can be in the middle of the city one second and then the next minute you can be up in the mountains looking at it all.

Did you and the cast get to hang out at all?
All the time! We went to concerts; we went up into the mountains, we went ice-skating; we did a bunch of stuff. It was really fun. My favourite memory: I went to go see [the band] The 1975 with the boys in Vancouver. They’re my favourite band.

You’ve done a few projects now with some big names including Charlize Theron and Kate Bosworth. Did you ever dream of this happening?
Never, never, never expected any of this. It’s all a bit overwhelming, but it’s a dream, really, so it’s great. I usually go, “What am I doing here? How did this happen?”

You’ve just wrapped an Untitled Woody Allen Project co-starring Emma Stone. What was it like working with her?
She’s so funny, so nice! Full of jokes. Again, I was super, super nervous but she’s just a normal girl who is really funny and made me feel really welcome. She’s really great.

What do you think has helped contribute to your success?
My parents, probably. I think just the bloke I am is just who they’ve brought me up to be They never forced me down a path. They’ve always been super supportive of what I’ve done. I think it’s them that I’ve got to thank for that. I couldn’t ask for a better family.

Rapid fire with Jamie:

If you could start a rock band right now, what would you call it?
The Loogers. Just for the sake of it.

Do you carry anything with you to help with homesickness?
Yeah, I’ve got my teddy called Molly that comes with me everywhere. [ Laughs]

You are a huge Beatles fan. If you were to be one of the Beatles, which one would you be?
John Lennon.

Favourite snacks?
Any kind of crisps. Chips, sorry. [ Laughs]

Anyone you would love to work with in the future?
Wow, wow, wow. Wait for it…it’s coming. It’s coming. Uhmmmm. Sean Penn.

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