Zoe Kazan and Megan Park talk playing sisters and kissing Daniel Radcliffe in 'The F Word'

Zoe Kazan and Megan Park play sisters in the Toronto-shot rom-com The F Word (opening August 22). So Hello! Canada sat down with the two charming actresses and asked them the age-old question posed by their film: can you be friends with someone of the opposite sex you find attractive?

After all, both of them are very much in committed relationships. Zoe (granddaughter of famed director Elia Kazan) has a boyfriend of seven years in Paul Dano (Prisoners), her co-star in 2012’s Ruby Sparks, the whimsical breakout film she wrote.

And Megan Park, the Lindsay, Ont.-native who rose to fame on the hit TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, is engaged to actor and musician Tyler Hilton.

Laughing together like real-life siblings during a recent stop in Toronto, Zoe, 30, and Megan, 28, dish about platonic friendship, what their The F Word co-star Daniel Radcliffe is really like, and the secret to lasting romance.

Spill it! So can a girl be a friend with a member of the opposite sex she finds attractive?
Zoe: [Turning to Megan] I actually think about the first time I met you. I feel like we were attracted to each other but not sexually drawn together. That is why the chemistry was easy for us onscreen and why we get along in life. So many people who are my friends in real life [including guys] are people who I am drawn to in that way. I can’t think of an exception.

Megan: I am just as excited meeting a girl – sometimes more excited because of the fact the whole sexual part of it you don’t have to worry about. It is not confusing and you don’t have to worry your boyfriend or fiancé. Guys have it with bromance. My fiancé has a total bromance with his high school best friend. It is the cutest thing in the world!

What was Daniel like?
Megan: He was everything I thought he would be and more. I just assumed he would be a fairly lovely human being because that is what I had heard about him, and he truly was. He was down to play, knew his stuff and just excited to be there and really sweet to everyone he was around.

Zoe: The only thing that surprised me about him was how much he loves American football!

You both had kissing scenes with Daniel. How do your partners react to you having to do love scenes?
Zoe: Paul hates it even though he does what I do for a living. I think love scenes –

Megan: …they are awful and you usually cry after.

Zoe: There are times when I will be like, “Oh, my scene partner is so sexy!” as I am talking to him. But kissing, never. It is awkward!

Megan: I kissed the same actor on [the TV series] The Secret Life of the American Teenager for six years almost as much as my boyfriend. I got so comfortable making out with him! My boyfriend was very cool about it. But one time I had one scene early in the morning, and I was home by 9 a.m. My boyfriend was still sleeping in bed, so I came over and kissed him. He was like, ‘You smell like a dude’s face! Get in the shower.’ I just had a make-out scene with this actor! [Laughs]

Zoe: Paul used to send me to work with a toothbrush! He is the worst, the worst! He gets so jealous.

Did you guys get to explore Toronto?
Megan: We didn’t have a super ton of downtime but we saw some cool places through the process of filming. There was a cool knitting café [The Purple Purl] in the Beach. We did a little bit of shopping on Queen Street West and went to [juice bar] Fresh a lot. It was fun for me as an adult to get to explore the city because since high school I’ve been out in L.A.

Zoe: My favourite thing to do in the city is walk. That is what I look forward to when coming back to Toronto. I love to see the way people live. I like to window shop people’s lives.

What is the key to lasting love?
Zoe: This is something I learned from Gayle King on Oprah. She said you should kiss your partner for eight seconds every day. It is supposedly creates longevity in relationships. Paul likes to say, “We’re supposed to kiss every eight seconds!” But it is nice. We have been in a relationship for seven years! There are days where I feel like we don’t make eye contact. I will literally say, “We need eye contact!” You end up living your lives next to each other some days. It is just the way that life is – you can’t always be in an amazing moment with your partner. I think the eight-second thing helps remind us to be present with the other person.

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