Robin Wright: "I’m tired of biting my tongue on sets"

By Dagmar Dunlevy

She didn’t walk away with a second best actress Golden Globe this year, but 2014’s winner Robin Wright – who attended the January awards bash with longtime companion Ben Foster – can’t be particularly disappointed. At 48, the actress is enjoying one of the best roles of her career, playing ruthless political wife Claire Underwood, opposite the formidable Kevin Spacey. It’s a dream job that, as she tells us in this exclusive chat, has helped her fulfil another ambition: directing.

Has the international success of the series surprised you?
I don’t think any of us were expecting it. I think also [it’s daring] to have something so scandalous regarding [the U.S.] administration.

The relationship Claire has with her husband, Frank, is so complicated. What’s your assessment of it?
It’s not just a marriage. They have an agreement and it’s a business agreement.

She seems as ruthless as he is. Can you relate to her?
She’s so fierce, and unapologetic of her power. I wouldn’t do half the things that she does. [ Laughs] I don’t even move the way she moves.


Robin stars in House of Cards with Kevin Spacey. Season 3 comes to Netflix on Feb. 27.

Has the show changed your life in any way?
It opened the door to directing. I’ve been in this industry almost 30 years, and I’m tired of biting my tongue on sets when I know how to direct the scene. So, it brought [directing] to me, which was always a dream.

It must have been daunting when you helmed your first episode?
Oh yeah! You’re scared out of your mind because it’s a man’s world. But we’re such a family at House of Cards at this stage. Everybody is supportive. What a perfect learning foundation. I mean, literally, I got to go to “film school” while getting paid and playing Claire Underwood. Pretty great!

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