Reality Check: 10 best quotes from the 'Hockey Wives' premiere

After months of anticipation (and a slew of exclusive interviews with Hello! Canada!), the buzz-worthy new Canadian reality show Hockey Wives premiered on W network this week.

Following the glamorous lives of the NHL's wives and girlfriends, the eight-part docu-series gives fans a never-before-seen look at the women behind several hockey players at various stages of their careers – from well-established stars with multimillion-dollar contracts to up-and-comers struggling to make it in the big leagues.

Featuring six of the 10 wives, episode one and had its share of glitz and drama, but notably lacked the cat fights and drink throwing of other popular “wives” reality franchises. Rather, what viewers get is a frank and honest representation of what it means to be “married to the game." (Spoiler: It's not always pretty).

In our new weekly series, Hello! brings you the 10 best quotes from each episode of Hockey Wives - starting with the premiere, which sums what we know about the wives thus far.


1. "The thing that scares me most about moving to Vancouver is the rain," says Noureen DeWulf, LA-based actress and wife of Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller, who quickly establishes herself as the most glamorous of the wives. "My hair is a big part of my beauty, so the fact that I might be moving to an environment that would jeopardize that is just frightening.”

2. "If Ray retires, I'm anticipating some difficult times… I've heard that the divorce rate is, like, 75 per cent after players retire. We're trying to remain out of the statistics." Brijet Whitney, wife of Ray Whitney, sums up her fears as her husband, a 42-year-old free agent, figures out his next move.

3. "There's pressure and expectation on me to not disrupt him because he's being paid lots of money to perform,” admits Nicole Brown, who is married to extremely successful LA Kings captain Dustin Brown. Even at the top of the ladder, there are sacrifices to be made. “Dustin's another person I have to take care of... I feel like I have five children instead of four."

4. Nonetheless, Nicole's husband has an eight-year, $48 million contract, which makes some of the other wives jealous and resentful. “ In eight years Dustin’s going to retire and it’s going to be so amazing having him around… He’s won two cups and hopefully there will be more in the next eight years,” she says during a dinner party she is hosting, which incites envy amongst the wives.

5. "You can tell a person that hasn't really been touched by injury or trades, because they're oblivious to what other people are going through,” Tiffany Parros, wife of George Parros, tells the confessional camera after the dinner scene. The comment seems directed at Nicole, revealing the stark differences between the women and their husbands' careers.

6. “If Brandon cheated on me, I would cut his balls off. Cut them off and make him eat them,” feisty TV presenter Maripier Morin tells the confessional with a cheeky grin. The beautiful, career-driven Quebec TV host may have no tolerance for cheating (and Montreal is definitely a city teeming with so-called “puck bunnies”), but her biggest fear is actually if Brandon were to be traded. They are, after all, not married.

7. “I have such good boobs right now,” says Noureen DeWulf, who is four months pregnant. Later, the petite starlet goes on to bemoan her pregnancy weight gain. “[I’m] 103 [pounds]. I want to kill myself. Do you understand what this is doing to me? To go over 100?”

8. “It’s a little regret that I didn't keep my military career and figure out a way to make it work and balance my life with Jon’s life,” says newcomer Emilie Blum, married to Minnesota Wild defensemen Jonathon Blum. Emilie seems to struggle with her new role and is nervous about fitting in with the other wives.

9. “I got an offer to be in Playboy… So I was like ‘Okay, I’ll do that – that’s a compliment.” Noureen is definitely the L.A. type, though the big announcement doesn't seem to get the kind of reaction she was hoping for from the other wives.

10. “The girls who think everyone wants to be their friend because of their husband, that’s because they’re obsessed with their husband and have nothing else going on,” says no-nonsense Tiffany during an honest moment with a group of other wives.

Tune in next week to meet four more women: Jenny Scrivens (wife of Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens), Wendy Tippett (wife of Arizona Coyotes head coach Dave Tippett), Kodette LaBarbera (wife of Anaheim Ducks goalie Jason LaBarbera) and Martine Forget (fiancée to Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Joanthan Bernier).

Hockey Wives airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on W network.

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