​Reality Check: 10 best quotes from the ‘Hockey Wives’ episode 2

Episode 2 of Hockey Wives was a roller coaster of emotions, as the docu-series dug deep into what it truly means to be “married to the game.” For some wives, it's splitting up their families when their hockey-playing hubbies hit the road; for others, it’s the anxiety of not knowing what happens next once an NHL career inevitably comes to an end.

This week, we met beautiful new mom and lingerie model Martine Forget, who is engaged to Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier. Compared to the other wives, Martine doesn't have much to worry about. After settling into a new city with her well-established fiancé, her biggest concern is getting back into shape so she can return to work.

We also revisited Tiffany Parros and Brijet Whitney, both of whom are at a crossroads with their husbands’ future career prospects. What will become of their marriages once their respective husbands’ hockey playing days are over?

On the other side of the coin is career-driven (and overworked) Maripier Morin. She's on the verge of a mental breakdown and lacks moral support at the very moment when she needs her boyfriend, Canadiens winger Brandon Prust, the most.


Even glamorous Hollywood actress Noureen DeWulf faces some hockey-wife hardships this week. Pregnant and alone in Los Angeles, the actress must reveal her baby’s gender to her Vancouver Canucks goalie husband, Ryan Miller, via FaceTime. (Of course, leave it to Noureen to put a fun spin on a difficult situation.)

Video: Hello! Canada chats with the 'Hockey Wives'

But it's Kodette LaBarbera who elicits the most sympathy out of all the wives this week. Wife of Anaheim Ducks goalie Jason LaBarbera, their eldest son, Ryder, has autism, so the family splits up during the hockey season to keep him on familiar turf. Raising two children on her own, including one with special needs, clearly takes its toll on the sweet-natured social activist.

Below, Hello! brings you the 10 best quotes from episode 2 of Hockey Wives.

1. “Make a wish: Please get a job.” Tiffany worries about her husband’s career prospects after his contract isn’t picked up. She gives him a haircut in an effort to make him look more professional, wishing on one of his grey hairs that he’ll find a new gig soon.

2. “I’ve never heard of anyone having a gender reveal party and that’s exactly why I wanted to have one. I thought it could be something new that I could start a trend about.” Pregnant actress Noureen DeWulf invites a gaggle of friends – and an ultrasound technician – to her house for a truly unique fête. She FaceTimes husband Ryan Miller on her iPad to share the moment. (Spoiler: It’s a boy!)

3. “By the way, good news. Puck got the cover of Modern Dog magazine,” Noureen announces triumphantly. (Puck is her black French bulldog.)

4. “I have stretch marks… For my job I still need to lose 10 pounds.” New mom and lingerie model Martine laments her 40-pound weight gain as she contemplates going back to work.

5. “I don't even remember the last time we had a date night.” Separated from her husband for months at a time, Kodette longs for a normal relationship with Jason.

6. “I’m worried about this looming depression in the future and hopefully it doesn't come. I’ve heard it's a 75 per cent divorce rate after players retire." Brijet reiterates her fears about Ray's retirement.

7. “I feel like you’re going to get sick of me nagging at you,” says Brijet to husband Ray. (“Don’t nag me then,” he replies.)

8. “My burnout is scheduled for the 1st. I need a massage and a boyfriend. Why is he always gone when I’m so busy?” Career-driven Maripier Morin has stretched herself too thin.

9. “Let’s have a shot of tequila!” Following a mini breakdown, Maripier receives good news: she’s landed a lucrative Revlon contract. The hard-working TV host celebrates with a well-earned drink and a temporary sigh of relief.

10. “My heart goes out to Kodette. She has a child with special needs and a husband who isn’t around and she’s just trying to be the best mother and hockey wife she can be.” Noureen has a moment of clarity when she realizes how much Kodette struggles compared to herself.

Hockey Wives airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on W network.

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