Reality Check: 10 best quotes from ‘Hockey Wives’ episode 3

The life of a hockey wife is all about change. In episode 3 of W network’s Hockey Wives, we follow some of the women behind the NHL’s biggest players as they return to work after having a baby, go house hunting in a brand new city, deal with raising a family alone (or being pregnant and partner-less) and more.

Below, Hello! brings you the 10 best quotes from episode 3 of Hockey Wives.


1. “ My baby tells me a lot of things. He has told me that he loves to eat donuts and French fries. My baby loves sandwiches. He loves carbs.” Hollywood actress Noureen DeWulf has gleefully given up her carb-free diet during pregnancy.

2. “ Whatever my animal is in the Chinese calendar does not do well with change.” Anger Management star and zodiac enthusiast Noureen worries about welcoming baby.

3. “ I’m stressed for my photoshoot. In two weeks, I don't think it’s possible to lose 10 pounds.” Jonathan Bernier’s fiancée, Martine Forget, lands her first modeling gig since giving birth to son Tyler, but she’s nervous about fitting into the clothes.

4. “I chose to have four kids, but sometimes it’s a nightmare,” admits Nicole Brown, who is married to extremely successful LA Kings captain Dustin Brown. The busy mom is the "CEO" of the household, handling all the domestic duties so that Dustin can focus solely on hockey…

5. … The stress does get to her, however. “There’s stuff that I can’t complain about to other people because they’re like, ‘ Shut up, your husband makes millions of dollars. You can’t complain.’ But we still have the same problems that everybody else has.”

7. “The moustache is the only constant in my universe.” As George Parros shaves his trademark moustache for charity, wife Tiffany worries about their future now that he’s no longer earning a salary in the NHL.

8. “ Tiffany's not exactly a people person, but she does have a heart of gold," reveals Noureen. George Parros’ wife, Tiffany Parros, is definitely a straight-shooter, but we see a softer side of her in this episode when she cooks a meal for her pregnant friend and tears up while talking about her husband’s concussion last year.

9. “ We might be homeless.” Tiffany is fraught after she goes house hunting in Vegas but hates every place she sees.

10. “ Every time Jon gets sent down I start to wonder… what I’m doing wrong as his wife. Did I not take enough of his burden so she could only focus on hockey? I always take it a bit personally.” Anxious Emilie Blum wonders if she’s to blame for her husband’s struggles.

11. "In the NHL, one of the other wives had made a comment about my purse and I came home and I cried because I felt really uncomfortable and intimidated by the other girls. NHL salaries are vastly different from AHL salaries.” Emilie Blum, whose husband, Jonathan Blum, straddles the AHL and NHL, shares her heartbreak at not fitting in with the more established wives.

Hockey Wives airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on W network.

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