​Reality check: Top 10 quotes from 'Hockey Wives' episode 4

Baby showers, reunions and lemon-drop shots – this was a fun episode for the hockey wives, who finally got to visit familiar faces and let loose after battling through a series of changes and challenges last week.

In episode 4 of W network’s Hockey Wivesa docu-series that follows the women behind the NHL’s biggest players – Noureen DeWulf’s family throws her an Indian baby shower for the ages, Maripier Morin finally gets to spend some time with hubby Brandon Prust and Tiffany is officially the number one wife we’d like to have a drink with (if she wasn’t already).

Below, Hello! brings you the 10 best quotes from episode 3 of Hockey Wives.

1. “I feel like people don’t know I have a really good body any more," says Noureen DeWulf, bemoaning her pregnancy curves.

2. “If my child is completely white I’m going to be really upset,” adds Noureen, who, despite having moved to Hollywood, is determined to stay true to her Indian roots.

3. “Being a mom, probably my biggest fear is I don't want to disappoint them. I don't want them to think I could have done something differently.” Kodette struggles raising her two boys on her own, a sentiment we’ve seen in previous episodes.

4. “I don't care what it feels like. It looks like an ugly Christmas sweater.” Brandon Prust doesn’t trust girlfriend Maripier Morin’s sense of fashion after she gifts him a cozy yet questionable cardigan. It’s one of their many spats this episode.

5. “I just want sugar… working out is definitely not for me. It’s crap.” Unlike her hockey-playing muscleman, Maripier struggles through a gruelling workout at the gym.

6. Tiffany pays a visit to Brijet and Kodette, and when asked if she wants to unpack she simply replies: “Let’s have wine.”

7. “You didn’t drive. This is happening… Suck it up. Stop talking. ”Tiffany encourages Kodette and Brijet to do shots with her. Can we reiterate how much we love Tiffany?

8. “For 23 years this has been my life, too.” Brijet vents to the girls about Ray Whitney’s retirement, regretting the loss of the bond she once had with other wives now that he’s no longer part of a team.

9. “No one ever asks us what we do. They always only ask about our husbands.” Tiffany sheds light on what it’s like for a hockey wife to live in her husband’s shadow.

10. "New condo, new city where no one knows my husband is a hockey player. I can't wait." The episode ends with Tiffany and George hitting the road for a new life in Vegas.


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