​‘I’m ashamed’: Polite Ryan Gosling is adorably embarrassed when his phone goes off in an interview

The stereotype of the “polite Canadian” may be a cliché, but Ryan Gosling proved that it’s based in reality when he was overly apologetic after his phone went off during an interview with BBC Morning this week. The actor, who hails from London, Ont., was answering questions about his directorial debut, Lost River, when his phone beeped and interrupted him mid-sentence. Ryan’s response?

Oh my god. I’m sorry about that,” he said, pulling out the offending mobile from his jacket pocket and sliding it across the floor without so much as glancing at it. “I’m ashamed.”

Amused by his embarrassment over something so trivial, interviewer Charlie Stayt tried to mollify him. “It happens,” he said, adding, “Is it important? You don’t know! It could have been the big one!”

Looking adorably sheepish, Ryan replied, “You’re being very kind about it, but I…” and trailed off, shaking his head.

When asked how he would respond if a phone went off on the set of one of his films, the 34-year-old actor joked that he’d go “just nuts… Hulk the shirt off and start swinging.”

Canadian-born Ryan is famous for his good manners. Photo © Getty

Not that he needed it, but Ryan's gentlemanly behaviour will certainly endear him even more to his fans. However, his rejection of cell phones during one-on–one interactions may explain why Ryan is “ so bad at emailing back.”

Earlier this year, The Atonement star Saoirse Ronan confessed to MTV that she rarely hears from ‘The Gos,’ saying, “I have his email. He never emails anyone back. He’s so bad at emailing back, but he did email me the other day. I felt really lucky to receive his words.”

One can forgive Ryan for being a tad out of touch lately. The new dad has a lot on his plate, having welcomed his first child, daughter Esmeralda, with Eva Mendes in September – and there's little doubt that his baby girl gets his full, undivided attention when he's home.

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