Reality Check: Top 10 quotes from ‘Hockey Wives’ episode 5

This week on Hockey Wives, Tiffany Parros visits Maripier Morin (a.k.a. "MP") in Montreal, giving the two sassy friends a chance to reconnect (and ruffle each other's feathers). No-nonsense Tiffany offers relationship advice, but it seems like MP isn’t quite ready to hear it. Maripier, on the other hand, doesn't grasp Tiffany's new lifestyle as George preps for retirement – which bothers Tiffany to no end.

Tiffany Parros. Photo © W network

Meanwhile, in Calgary, Kodette LaBarbera gets some much-needed quality time with hubby Jason, surprising him with a pet cat he adamantly didn't want (“Whatever! He doesn't live here,” she explains) and a microwavable meatloaf he doesn't eat. ("He knows I don't cook," she says.) Overall, their family time together is sweet but short-lived as Jason has to head back on the road.

Back in Iowa, Emilie Blum and her husband continue to struggle with their precarious position in the hockey world, as Jonathan considers moving to Europe. Finally, in sunny LA, Nicole Brown’s husband, Dustin Brown, tries to coach his wife during a friendly women’s game – though he gets a bit distracted by his own fans.



When you play hockey as a girl you don't play to make it. You play to go to college or to play in the Olympics some day. Whereas when you’re a guy, your goal is to win a Stanley Cup.” Now a wife and mother, Nicole Brown used to be a hockey player just like her husband. In this episode, Dustin acts as a coach for Nicole's women's team – with little success.

You want your house to be stylish, but at the same time, you don't want your kid to die .” Tifffany moves into a loft in Vegas, but with its precarious staircases and tall balconies, it’s not exactly kid-friendly.

“I love MP and the most entertaining thing about her is - I want to say she's self-absorbed, but not in a bad way!” Tiffany is excited about her trip, but she and Maripier don't always see eye to eye.

Professional athletes get their egos fed by so many people. They get totally lost in that world. Their personalities change. Sometimes I feel like he feels too cool for school. I’m like ‘dude, you’re not one of those guys .’” Maripier and Brandon struggle to share the spotlight during a photoshoot.

“It’s hard when you’re apart for so long to see each other again and reconnect .” Kodette finally sees husband Jason again, but their time together is fleeting.

“I’m patriotic. I would feel very uncomfortable as an American living in Europe.” Former military intelligence officer Emilie gets real about her situation with Jonathan as he considers a move to the European league.

“It’s probably not the first time Brandon’s been in bed surrounded by hot chicks," saysTiffany, as she and Maripier try to wake him up for breakfast.

“Louis Vuitton is my true north.” Tiffany explains how she finds her bearings in a new city.

“I’m crazy jealous.” Maripier struggles with the female hockey fans in Montreal.

“You guys aren’t married yet you need to be thinking about you, not you and Brandon.” Tiffany offers Maripier some tough love when it comes to MP's relationship with Brandon.

Girlfriends are treated differently than wives. I don't care what you say, I’ve felt the difference.” In the camera confessional, Tiffany sums up why Maripier sometimes feels like the odd one out.

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