Scarlett Johansson gets pranked by longtime friend Chris Evans

Scarlett Johansson may have been saying that she knows Chris Evans “too well,” but her actor pal didn’t have to try too hard to prank the A-lister in the middle of a television interview on Thursday (April 29)! Luckily, Scarlett and Chris have been longtime friends, from their early days in the 2004 film The Perfect Score through to shared membership in superhero-group The Avengers.


Chris and Scarlett premiere Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2014

Scarlett, who plays Black Widow in the new Avengers: Age of Ultron film, was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when Chris pranked Scarlett by creeping up behind her to shout her name in her ear. The prank, set up by Ellen who is famed for her practical jokes, causes Scarlett to scream in shock and leaving the audience laughing uproariously.

Scarlett later got her own back when the two played a game called Avenger? I Hardly Know Her, which involved true or false questions on each other. Chris only got one question right about Scarlett, while Scarlett’s questions about Chris mostly involved embarrassing the actor with pictures of him shirtless.

Speaking at the London press conference in London for Avengers: Age of Ultron on 21 April, Scarlett Johanssonopened up about the possibility of a standalone film for her own character.

Chris Evans and Scalrett Johansson in 2004

Since 2008’s Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has so far featured independent films for Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, as well as the Avengers. “A Black Widow movie, that would be cool,” admitted Scarlett when asked if she would be interested in taking Black Widow solo, before adding: “…from our lips to Marvel’s pockets.”

Scarlett also opened up about gender politics at play in the film industry, adding: “I’m looking for [scripts] as an actor looking for material that’s substantial, not a female actor looking for substantial work.

“What’s great about playing [Black Widow] is that she’s based in something deep and something that I can hold onto. She’s grounded and very real; she has experienced a lot of trauma and never been able to make active choices for herself and now she finally is, and she’s ready for it but unfortunately, it’s bad timing.”

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