​Reality Check: Top 10 quotes from the ‘Hockey Wives’ finale

Bonding, babies and big announcements – it’s been an emotional, eight-episode run for the women of Hockey Wives, but thankfully the journey isn’t over yet. W network has announced that the docu-series will be going into overtime, having scored a second season just as season one was coming to a close.

On Wednesday night’s finale, George Parros headed to Toronto to do a Hockey Central spot on Rogers Sportsnet, while wife Tiffany promoted her clothing line, Plain Threads, with a glamorous pop-up shop event in the city’s historic Distillery District.

Martine Forget toasts to Tiffany's party. Photo © W Network

Joining her at the star-studded bash were fellow wives Kodette LaBarbera, Brijet Whitney and Maripier Morin (technically a girlfriend), but not before all the women bonded over tequila shots and axe throwing – and Tiffany and Maripier clashed, once again, over MP's thoughts on marriage.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Noureen DeWulf and husband Ryan Miller were in stitches over the birthing class instructor, who was extremely enthusiastic when acting out the various stages of labour. (“She’s almost as good of an actress as I am!” giggled Noureen). The Hollywood star finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, which the couple named Bohdi.

The ladies went axe-throwing in the season finale. Photo © W Network

Kodette, too, emerged at the end of this season looking more happy and hopeful than ever. In this episode, she treated herself to a beautiful tattoo of a puzzle piece in honour of her autistic son, Ryder, who – thanks to his mom’s love and dedication – has blossomed over the last few months.

Here, Hello! rounds up the top 10 quotes from the Hockey Wives season finale!

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1. "To see a pair of Tom Fords on the floor in a pile of clothes is a travesty… you have to show these shoes respect!” As a clothing designer, Tiffany has a real appreciation for clothes.

2. "She made a comment that said, 'The only reason women want to get married is so they can take half.' And then I wanted to punch her in her face.” In one of the tenser moments of the season, Tiffany accuses Maripier of being “brainwashed” for no longer wanting to get married.

3. "I’m excited to have a Canadian baby. It’s never something that I thought would happen, but maybe he’ll come out and say ‘eh.’” Noureen prepares to give birth in Vancouver.

4. “When George gets recognized, for me, it’s business motivated. Cha-ching.” We love Tiffany's savvy approach towards hockey fame.

5. “I’m feisty. If you think that he’s tough, you haven’t seen me fight yet.” Maripier talks about her jealousy issues with Brandon Prust during a radio-show interview.

6. “My fantasy birthing experience would be on a tropical beach … The baby pops out, and there’s no gross fluids and blood and all that stuff. And the baby walks over on his feet and says, “Hi mom, I’m here,” and we hug and run into the ocean together.” Hilarious Noureen DeWulf describes every expectant mother’s dream.

7. “It was like being hit by a truck.” Noureen doesn't mince words when describing the actual birthing process after Bohdi is born.

8. “If he quit his dream, my sacrifice was for nothing.” Emilie, a former military intelligence officer who gave up her career to support her husband, struggles with the idea of him leaving the AHL/NHL to play in Europe.

9. “This guy’s my idol. I’m like a 14-year-old in front of Justin Bieber.” Maripier has a fangirl moment when meeting George Strombolopolous for the first time at Tiffany's event.

10. “Definitely for me, my favourite part about being in the hockey life is the girls." Kodette sums up what this whole series has been about – the women and their relationships with one another.

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