Vince Vaughn on 'True Detective,' turning 45 and setting a good example for his kids

By Dagmar Dunlevy

As a bona fide comedy star with hits like Wedding Crashers and The Internship to his credit, Vince Vaughn could have played it safe with his next project. But at 45, the funnyman – who married Canadian Kyla Weber in 2010 – says he was ready for something new, a dramatic role that would give him “a chance to go and approach something totally different.”

True Detective gives him an opportunity to do just that. In season 2 of the anthology series that won Emmy nominations for leading men Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, the father of two plays Frank Semyon, a longtime criminal, husband and businessman – a guy “who is just an unloved child [doing] the best he can,” Vince says sympathetically.

It’s a departure for sure, but as the Minnesota native tells Hello! Canada, one that he – and fellow movie stars Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams – simply couldn’t resist.

Were you already a fan of the first season of True Detective?
I was. What I really liked is that there was a poignant view [to the series]. A lot of people don’t realize that [creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto] was a novelist, who is also a literature professor at the University of Chicago. His wealth of information on writing and prose is light years above most screenwriters I have met.

What are your thoughts on your castmates?
It’s a pretty impressive lineup. To be honest, I could care less whether those other three lived or died. [ Laughs] No, I liked all of them a lot. Colin is very talented, very committed, very funny and easy to be around. Taylor is what you see is what you get: very warm and considerate, a talented actor. And Rachel, who I have worked with before, is a terrific actress.

You turned 45 this year. How do you feel about this stage of life?
At some point, it’s just numbers, right, as you get older? But for me, with the family, it was [a chapter] I was ready for. I guess that becomes your focus on a lot of levels and life becomes less about yourself.

What impact has fatherhood had on you?
[Having children makes] you look at things differently. The biggest things my kids taught me was that the best you can do for them is love their mom because seeing a relationship that is nice is more of a cure for all things than any conversation. Hopefully, they will aspire to relationships that are [big on] communication, fun and all that kind of stuff.

You’re looking sharp today, as you do on the cover of the July issue of Britain’s GQ. Are you more interested in fashion than ever?
Thank you. It’s just another Friday, baby. [ Laughs] I have always liked fashion. I definitely like clothes but I wouldn’t say it’s my obsession. It does feel good when you take the time to [dress]. It always puts you in a good mood.

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