18 facts you didn't know about 'Full House'

By Anna Redman

The announcement that most of the Full House cast will be returning to the small screen for Netflix's Fuller Housereboot sent fans into a frenzy, Hello! Canada staffers included! In fact, it also sent us into the archives of our childhood, re-watching episodes and digging up fun facts you probably didn't know about the original.

With the exception of special occasions, like creator Jeff Franklin’s birthday party and a guest spot on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, it’s been more than 20 years since we’ve seen the Tanner family, with the original show wrapping in May 1995. But most of the cast, save for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, are set for their biggest reunion yet as Fuller House hits Netflix in 2016. It’s got our office buzzing about favourite episodes, cast members and show-related facts – some of which surprised even the most diehard devotees of the eight-season sitcom.

So, to help you get ready for Fuller House’s highly-anticipated premiere and get reacquainted with that San Francisco family we know you hold near and dear to your heart, we’ve rounded up some of the lesser-known trivia that’s sure to leave you saying “No way, Jose!”

The Full House cast poses during the first season. Photo: © Getty Images

1. In the first season of Full House, dadDanny has a Mustang, Bullitt, named after the 1968 film Bullitt in which Steve McQueen drove a Mustang. Uncle Jesse accidentally destroys the car in episode 11, ultimately replacing it with a replica named Walter.

2. In the opening sequence of the Full House theme song it is not actually the cast driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, but a series of lookalike actors filmed by helicopter.

3. Some of the theme song’s opening shots were actually filmed in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, not San Francisco where the show is set.

4. Bob Saget was the winning bachelor when he appeared on The Dating Game in 1979.

5. The first season of Full House doesn’t credit Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the theme song because they didn’t have a series deal at the time. When they were added, producers initially credited them as “Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen” so that viewers would think Michelle was played by one person.

Little Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stole the show as Michelle Tanner. Photo: © Getty Images

6. Characters Danny Tanner and Joey Gladstone have been best friends since the fifth grade.

7. Dave Coulier loves hockey and played in a celebrity hockey league with other stars, including 90210’s Jason Priestley, Friends’ Matthew Perry, Canadian Alan Thicke of Growing Pains, Back To The Future’s Michael J. Fox and Birdman’s Michael Keaton.

8. Candace Cameron went on to marry Valeri Bure, a Russian-born hockey player who she met through Dave Coulier. Following their marriage, Valeri sent Dave an autographed hockey stick that read: “Dear Dave, thank you for Candace.”

9. Candace Cameron Bure was the matron of honour at Jodie Sweetin’s wedding in 2002. Candace’s daughter, Natasha, was also the flower girl.

Danny Tanner (played by Bob Saget) was the king of dad talks. Photo: © Getty Images

10. When Full House began, Danny Tanner was supposed to be 29, celebrating his 30 th birthday during the first season.

11. The Tanners live at 1882 Girard Street and, while there is a Girard Street in San Francisco, the actual Tanner address does not exist as Girard Street only runs up to the 1400 block.

12. The Tanners’ phone number is 555-2424.

13. John Stamos was the first and only choice for Uncle Jesse (originally named Uncle Adam), according to show creator Jeff Franklin. The character’s name was changed on John’s request.

Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos). Photo: © Getty Images

14. Jeff Franklin had two top picks for Danny Tanner – Bob Saget or Paul Reiser. Paul turned it down and Bob was under contract at the CBS Morning Show , so John Posey was originally cast in the role. Bob Saget became available after the show was picked up.

15. The pilot was shot with John Posey, so Michelle is much bigger in all of her scenes with Danny because the episodes had to be re-shot after Bob Saget took over the role six months later.

16. Uncle Jesse’s famous “Have Mercy” catch phrase was improvised by John Stamos and began in the very first episode.

17. Candace Cameron Bure is Kirk Cameron’s little sister. At the time Full House debuted, Kirk was a large star than Cameron thanks to the show Growing Pains. He would later guest star in a season one episode (“Just One Of The Guys”) of his sister's series.

Kirk and Candice Cameron. Photo: © Getty Images

18. Before Full House was over, the Olsen twins had become the youngest self-made millionaires ever. Their fame outside of Full House skyrocketed after Jeff Franklin wrote a TV movie for the five-year-old twins called To Grandmother’s House We Go. Bob Saget and Lori Loughlin both had cameos.

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