Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell and Benedict Cumberbatch take on mean tweeters

By Sarah Kelsey

Jeff Bridges, Kristen Bell and Benedict Cumberbatch aren’t phased by the nasty tweets they receive online – or at least they didn’t seem to be on Monday night (Sept. 21). In a live edition of the wildly popular Jimmy Kimmel Live segment Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, the trio of famous faces hilariously recited nasty social-media messages before a studio audience.

First up was the 65-year-old bearded star of The Big Lebowski, who tackled a comment from @Raven. “Am now convinced Jeff Bridges is a crazy f--ker and not in the cool way, just in a disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows and sidewalks way.” His comeback? “That’s a very interesting critique. I will take it to heart.”

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Next up was new mom Kristen who shrugged off the words posted by @CUZNGEORGE about her nether regions by winking and walking off stage.

Lastly, Sherlock Holmes took the stage and may have had the best retort of the evening. @zaneey posted: "If you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive, I’m guessing you’d also quite enjoy staring directly at a cats anus.” Laughing, the actor then flashed the suspect in question his finger and said, "Well, someone did, and she put a ring on it,” alluding to his recent marriage to Sophie Hunter.

To kick-start the evening, the show’s 47-year-old host explained his motivation for the series. “Twitter has made it easy for famous people to interact directly with their fans, which is nice, but it also makes it easy for people to tell you how much they hate you.”

He went on to announce that every night this week, A-listers will appear live on the show to read their mean tweets in front of fans.

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