Bachelor Ben Higgins on TV dating and 'not necessarily making out the whole time'

By Erica Cupido

TV’s new Bachelor, Ben Higgins, is ready for romance to bloom. The man at the centre of the show’s 20 th season (debuts Jan. 4,. OMNI 2) – who fans fell for after he dated Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette – says he’s ready for love. Having wrapped filming on the addictive reality series, Ben, 26, still isn’t giving any clues as to whether he found love on the show. “In life, I’m typically a very happy person. I don't think many things can change that. But this experience in general has been an incredible one,” he says.

Looking back, Ben says he wouldn’t change anything about his previous small-screen search for love. “I definitely know that Kaitlyn is an incredible woman, and one that I’m happy that I got to meet,” he says. So, will he look for a woman with a personality like hers? Not necessarily, Ben warns. “I can’t say I was looking for any certain type of person. I respected Kaitlyn a lot. I enjoyed my time with her. But when it comes to this season, I was looking for someone with her own individual characteristics.”

Ben Higgins is the 20th star of The Bachelor. Photo: © Getty Images

Here, he shares his thoughts on kissing on-camera and what was going through his mind on night one.

Becca and Amber from Chris Soules’s season are among the ladies who date you on the show. Were you surprised to see them? Did you know them before you began filming? When I found out I was going to be on The Bachelor, I took a step back from watching Chris’s season because I knew I’d potentially be dating one of those women. I wanted to go into it with a clear mind and not have preconceived notions [about] people. I knew of them. When they came on was I shocked? Yea. That first night when every woman showed up to that mansion, I found myself [thinking], “Thank you.” It’s really crazy to see every woman show up to this place and I felt the same way about Becca and Amber.

How do you feel about having another Canadian woman on the cast? Canada’s great. Why not? It’s a great place. Bring ’em on!

What was your approach to showing PDA onscreen? I really want to concentrate on getting to know these women. I think that’s always important in a relationship and that comes with time. I wanted to make sure that I spent our time getting to know each other one on one and not necessarily making out the whole time. That stuff happens, but it was something I wanted to hold back from as this thing starts.

What was the biggest surprise about the experience? I think how hard saying goodbye to people was. It was never easy, from night one on. Part of that is because there were some incredible women that came out here. I think everyone will get to see that. It was definitely harder than I ever expected it to be.

During Kaitlyn’s season, you said you feared being unlovable. Do you still feel that way? It’s a very real insecurity of mine, but it’s not out of a need for reassurance. I’m not not confident as a man. I think that’s just an insecurity that sits with me because it is a fear of mine. I’m ready to not feel that way, but I can’t say that it’s something that will never come up again. I think we can all say that insecurities sometimes hang with us awhile. It’s definitely not something that paralyzes me.

Are you looking to get engaged by the end of the season? Being 26 going on 27, I’m definitely ready to find that person, there’s not a question in my mind. I can say that confidently. I’m open to whatever stage or step is next for us. I don't know obviously if I’ve ever felt a love that could last forever. I’m excited about that. I’m ready for that.

Will we see you on TV again after The Bachelor? I’m excited about what experiences are next in life. Just like I never expected to be on The Bachelorette or to be The Bachelor, I don't know what to expect next. I’m open to anything. I love my life here in Denver. I don't want to change my life, but if there are opportunities to enhance it I’m all for it.

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