Brendan Robinson on Lucas's return to 'Pretty Little Liars' and fans asking to see his feet

By Ashley Jude Collie

The guilty pleasure that is Pretty Little Liars is ratcheting up the fun as it leads to its sixth-season finale on Mar. 15, and the penultimate episode (“Did You Miss Me?”) sees the return to Rosewood of once-missing – and irresistibly adorkable – Lucas, played by Brendan Robinson. Five years on his character has definitely grown up, and Brendan is thrilled about now returning as a Mark Zuckerberg-like Internet entrepreneur, not to mention rolling back into the drama-filled lives of Aria, Emily, Spencer and, of course, Hanna.

The big-time foodie tells us how his character has changed, how Lucas’ return gets tossed into the mayhem leading to the season finale, the strangest requests he's had from fans on social media and his top tips for dealing with the fairer sex.

Brendan's character Lucas returns to PLL on Mar. 8. Photo: Instagram/brendanrobinson

How does it feel to return as a sort of reinvented character? In the back half of season six, the story jumped five years with everyone starting out their adult lives after College. These episodes have been like a re-booting of the show and all its storylines. My character Lucas now returns to town after having invented and selling a cool computer app. It’s very Mark Zukerberg-esque, the Facebook inventor, and Lucas comes back looking better than ever [ Laughs], and now completely rich, he’s got the whole shebang.

How does his return impact the Liars’ lives? I start rekindling my relationship with Hanna (Ashley Benson) in a similar way that we saw when the series initially started, where it’s more like a sweet, platonic friendship, as opposed to an “A” suspect, or can you trust me or not?

Do you ever get distracted working with all those pretty ladies? The funny thing is that I’m always distracted by them [ laughs], barely remembering my lines, sometimes. Often, I just sort of improvise and make things up in the dialogue until I do get the lines right! What’s a guy to do, right?!

Next week on #PLL: #HannaAndLucas = Friendship #goals  #prettylittleliars

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Do you have any advice on dealing with the fairer sex? Hey, if anyone has advice for me, I’m open. You know, you get so busy working in this business, that I recently signed up on a dating app for fun. I have a lot of women friends who are platonic, not romantic, and what I’ve noticed is that they all basically want to be with a guy who’s a gentleman, who treats them well.

How much of a foodie are you? How much? On Valentine’s Day, I posted on my social media (Instagram) that I was spending Valentine’s Day with my true love... FOOD. That was fun. I’m an absolute foodie and I like a lot of different types of food. For the freshest sushi in LA, I really like Kiwami in Studio City. For Mexican, I’ll go visit Casa Vega on Ventura Boulevard, which has great food and also excellent margaritas. For Italian, I like a restaurant that does a good Bolognese pasta. Figaro in Los Feliz has a French flavour and does excellent crepes, and also French pastries after lunch, which is perfect with an espresso after eating.

We sense from some of your social media posts that you also have a sweet tooth! True? Okay, I have a terrible sweet tooth. I have to hold myself back sometimes and not buy things. I’ll pick up a half pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and think I’ll just have a couple of spoons. But then the next thing you know, the entire pint is gone!

Happy #NationalCroissantDay!! My favorite! W/ @niapeeples #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars

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You’ve got like 340,000 Instagram followers, tell us some hilarious requests they’ve made. There’s this person, and I don’t know if it’s a girl or what but I think they’re from Sweden. And they keep asking for photos of my naked feet, saying that a bunch of people in Europe want to see my bare feet. For my own taste, it’s a little personal. And I get tons of “marriage” requests — not to be vain or anything — but probably from 13-year-old girls, from the PLL Army!

You seem to have a very unique style of dressing and carrying yourself. What’s key to your look? Style-wise, I generally feel that guys need to take more risks in your clothes or hairstyle. Like when you get a new suit, go to a tailor, and get your pants hemmed properly. Guys may be a little hesitant to do that, maybe they don’t want to look too well put-together. But you got to stand out a little, you got to look good, and make your own impression.

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