Social media stars Matt Steffanina and Dana Alexa take on 'The Amazing Race'

The current season of The Amazing Race recruited some of social media’s biggest stars to battle it out in the ultimate test of endurance, smarts and determination. Two contestants hoping to cross the finish line in first place are engaged couple Dana Alexa and Matt Steffanina. The popular duo have had no trouble staying in sync on the road, given that they are both master dancers and choreographers. The pair have shown off their inimitable dance moves in dozens of videos on YouTube, performing routines to hit songs like Justin Bieber's "Sorry" and Beyoncé's latest hit "Formation." Hello! caught up with the dance and race partners to find out what inspired them to apply for the show, their greatest strengths and how they handled life without technology.

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Matt and Dana are currently racing towards the finish line on The Amazing Race (Fridays, CTV).

Whose idea was it to apply for the show? [Dana] Initially it was my idea for us to apply. I have been obsessed with the show for a long time and I knew Matt would make an amazing partner.

What would you say are each other's greatest strength and weakness?

M: Dana had a great intuition. Sometimes she would run right to something even though she had no idea where it was, and was great at reading and understanding the clues. She never gave up. Her weakness was probably that she is emotional.

D: Matt's in such amazing shape. Physically he was incredible in all of the tasks, sometimes he even carried both of our packs! He's also smart and level headed which was an asset. His weakness was that occasionally he was getting frazzled and not always taking the time to make sure we read the clues and were doing the right thing. That was tough because he's usually the calm one!

How will you top the race when it comes to planning your honeymoon? [Matt] I think for a honeymoon we will choose something a little more relaxing! [Laughs] Maybe a beautiful beach with some down time would be a nice change from the craziness of racing. The Maldives sounds nice!

Was it easy to unplug from social media?

D: For me it was a really nice change. I enjoyed being immersed in the experience of racing with no distractions! There were definitely a few times where Google maps would have come in handy though! I really missed dancing more than social media.

M: It was a welcome break! We love our social media and the way it lets us connect with dancers around the world but it was cool to be immersed in different cultures and not to have a cellphone screen between us. We were so busy and so invested in the race it was hard to think about anything else!

How would you both describe your experience on The Amazing Race in 140 characters or less?

D: The race was the hardest thing I've ever done and I loved every minute of it.

M: Hungry, tired, dirty, smelling questionable... we did this to ourselves #TAR

If they ever did an Amazing Race celebrity edition and you could team up with a star, who would you choose?

D: I genuinely would never race with anyone other than Matt. I know that's corny but I think you need to fully know and trust your partner to get through this experience and I wouldn't feel comfortable to race with a celebrity. But if I HAD to pick one I would pick The Rock, for obvious reasons [ Laughs].

M: Ditto, I'll take Thor.

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