'Orphan Black' star Kristian Bruun on Tatiana Maslany and dancing in his underwear

By Clare Douglas

Canadian actor Kristian Bruun promised "lots of hijinks in the suburbs" in the fourth season of the hit science fiction series Orphan Black, and based on the first few episodes of the new season, he wasn't kidding. From unearthing past crimes to lying to authorities to faking two relationships, fan favourite Donnie has been very busy helping protect the clone sisterhood.


Kristian stars alongside Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris in Orphan Black (Thursdays, Space).

"This role is an actor’s dream," the Toronto native tells Hello! Canada, adding that he loves interacting with fans on social media. "I love how active our fans are. I try and keep up with them and respond to them as much as possible." And with the addition of a new clone, shocking revelations and new mysteries facing the clone club this season, Kristian and his fans will have a lot to talk about.

Here, the actor opens up to Hello! about working alongside the inimitable Tatiana Maslany, favourite scenes and reveals the clone that has him on edge.

Donnie (Kristian Bruun) and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) spend more time together this season.

If you can describe what it’s like working with Tatiana in three words what would they be? On. Your. Toes. You just have to stay on your toes because she is so engaging and gives you so much. There’s no vanity with her. She’s there to make the best show possible for everybody involved and she really leads by example. It’s just so much fun to work with her.

Is it difficult not to crack up during funny scenes? Well Tat and I both have a strong improv background and we are very lucky that our writers, producers and directors like it when we riff a little bit. I’m always ready to roll with whatever punch Tat throws my way and that’s kind of what makes the job really exciting and keeps you on your toes.

The Canadian actor calls the role of Donnie "every actor's dream."

What is your favourite Donnie scene? There are so many. Every season I challenge the writers and showrunners to top some ridiculous scene they had me do the previous season and every year I don’t think they can and every year they do. They kind of love to have terrible things happen to Donnie. Certainly last season the rolling around and twerking on a bed full of money in our underwear was quite the highlight.

Who is your favourite clone ? I love all the clones, but in terms of storytelling Rachel is my favourite because she is such a mystery to me. She’s the one that keeps her emotions in check. She holds her cards close to her chest. You really don’t know what she’s thinking and you never know where her loyalties lie and that makes her very dangerous.

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