A glimpse of Jenna Coleman's stunning wedding dress as Queen Victoria

As Jenna Coleman steps into Queen Victoria's shoes for ITV's Victoria, which tells the story of the monarch's first years as the Queen of England, this also includes wearing some of her most iconic looks. This Morning went behind the scenes of the popular historical drama to give a glimpse of one in particular, Jenna's stunning wedding dress costume, as well as some secrets from set.

Chatting to presenter Alison Hammond, the 30-year-old joked about her beautiful dress, saying: "I've never been married on screen before - or in real life - so this is a first wedding! It takes me about two hours every day to get ready [for the scenes]. I quite like it, although horse riding in a corset is something new!"

TAP TO VIEW GALLERYJenna Coleman as VictoriaJenna revealed her stunning Victorian wedding dress costume

She also opened up about preparing for the role, saying that a trip to Kensington Palace, where Queen Victoria grew up under a strict regime, was an important part of her research. She said: "I read some books and went to Kensington Palace, there's so much there."


Alison also met Tom Hughes, who plays Victoria's husband Prince Albert and Rufus Sewell, who plays Prime Minister Lord Melbourne, and joked about their "tight" costumes. Tom said: "I feel taller but it leaves nothing to the imagination! But thanks, you're making me blush here."

Tom HughesTom joked about his costume

Rufus joked about keeping warm in his costume, saying: "It's all about thermals…that's what I've discovered during this job because we've been doing this in some very cold temperatures - and that is the one take away from this job… have I learnt anything about history and royalty? I learnt about thermals!"

Jenna opened up about her first big role since departing Doctor Who as the Doctor's assistant, Clara Oswold, revealing that the opportunity was "impossible" to turn down. Speaking at a press conference, she said: "The more I read the script, the more it unfolded in front of me and it was impossible to turn down.

"I would be crazy to turn it down, it's a gift, an absolute gift to try and bring this to life."

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