'The Bachelor' Nick Viall on his love quest and Canadian women: 'They have a great sense of life'

By Erica Cupido

The fourth time might be the charm for Nick Viall. After dating on-camera in two different seasons of The Bachelorette (nearly proposing to Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe) and looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise, the 36-year-old is giving TV dating another try. This time he’ll be the one making decisions, handing out roses and hopefully finding his soulmate.

As the lead on the latest season of The Bachelor, Nick knows a lot of people are rooting for him. During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jennifer Aniston even admitted to being a fan. “I think in the past, being a Bachelor fan was a guilty pleasure,” says Nick. “Now it’s cool.” Ahead of the season’s debut, Nick revealed why he was hesitant to sign on and what he’s looking for in his perfect match.

Nick, what made you want to date on TV again? You just never know. Whether it’s as the Bachelor or in life, I don’t think I’ll ever give up on the possibility of finding love. I went into it with the realization that there are no guarantees, but [I was] optimistic.

Did you have any hesitations about starring in the season? I didn’t immediately say yes. It’s a big commitment and if you’re serious about it, it can be very difficult at times ... But overall, I’m lucky for the opportunity.

What’s the secret to making a good first impression? Confidence. To me, a great first impression is someone who – it sounds cliché – is willing to be themselves. They’re not trying to be perfect, not trying to be someone they’re not. And they’re willing to show their vulnerabilities.

‘Those core qualities that I’m looking for have never changed and never will’

What are you looking for in a woman? I’ve always been attracted to women with strong personalities. I want to be with a woman who feels empowered and feels like they’re my partner. That was the same when I went on Andi’s season, Kaitlyn’s season and when I went on Paradise. Those core qualities that I’m looking for in someone have never changed and never will.

There are two Canadian women on your season. How do they differ from the Americans? You know, Kaitlyn was Canadian, too! Canadians are wonderful. They seem to be a lot of fun, light-hearted and have a great sense of life. I’ve always enjoyed the company of Canadians.

Has day-to-day life changed since you’ve become a TV personality? Not much. It’s really important to me to not let it change my life ... I just kind of go about my day, and if I get recognized and someone wants to take a picture or say hi, then I feel fortunate to have that surreal moment.

How does your family feel about you being the Bachelor? Will they be watching Yes, they’ll be watching. They’re as hopeful as anyone that I meet someone and find love. I’ve been fortunate to have parents who have always been supportive. I have 10 siblings, a lot of them younger than me. So my parents are as much my friends as they are my parents.


Are there any unconventional love stories in your family? My parents got engaged after six months, which I think was pretty unique. [They] were married within a year of meeting. They’ve been married for 38 years, have 11 kids and a wonderful marriage. That’s pretty great.

We’ll be watching the season. But can you tell us: have you found love? I definitely found love. You’ll have to watch and see how that all played out!

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