Meet Riverdale’s Polly: Tiera Skovbye on playing the show’s most mysterious character

By: Erica Cupido

After weeks of speculation, actress Tiera Skovbye is about to unveil one of TV's most mysterious characters, Riverdale's Polly Cooper. Despite her absence, Betty's older sister has been at the centre of the teen-drama-meets-murder mystery since its premiere in January, and soon the curtain will finally be lifted on both who Polly is and where she has been.


Tiera stars as Polly Cooper in Riverdale (Fridays, Netflix).

Vancouver native Tiera Skovbye, 21, was thrilled to join the cast of the show given that she was a huge fan of the Archie series as a child. “I was a blond who was kind of shy, so Betty was my idol,” she tells Hello!.

While she can’t reveal whether or not her character is linked to the crime at the heart of the drama, she does tease, "Polly has got a lot more going on than you realize.”

She also can't help but gush over her co-star and Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Luke Perry (who plays Archie’s dad). “He’s the nicest guy,” she says. “I can totally see how he was the Archie of a show, he’s just got that vibe.” Another casting coup: Molly Ringwald is set to guest star as Archie’s mom!

Here, Tiera opens up about Polly's hotly-anticipated first appearance and what it's been like to be a part of everyone's favourite new show.

Tiera, what is it like playing a character that fans are curious to know more about? It is kind of funny. There have been a lot of fans on set [recently] and we’ve been trying to hide certain things that are happening. It’s weird for me to be in a situation where there are fans around that we’re trying to hide from. It’s kind of strange, kind of funny.

Did you ever read Archie comics? I was actually a huge fan growing up. My manager – who I’ve been with since I was 12 – called me and said, “You’re not going to believe it, they’re making an Archie comics pilot.” That was pretty cool.

Polly's younger sister Betty is played by Lili Reinhart.

What was it like joining the cast? We’re all roughly around the same age, which is really cool. If you watch the first two episodes, Polly is mentioned a ton. So for them, there was like a lot of anticipation like, “We’ve heard so much about this mysterious Polly, who is she? What’s really happening with her and what’s her story?” For them, it was nice to put a face to a name. They were all so welcoming and sweet.

How do you feel about the ways that the story and setting have been updated for TV? What I love is that they have modernized it. But you’ll notice, anytime we’re around cars, a lot of them are older. There’s also a vintage feel to the wardrobe that some people wear. There’s a vintage Archie feel, but it’s modernized [to reflect] everything that’s going on right now.

What about the characters? I feel like having Betty and Veronica be a team and support each other is something that young girls need to see. We need to know that we have each other’s backs. Women are so much stronger when we’re connected. It’s important that we stick together.

What can you tell us about your character, Polly? People will be quite surprised by Polly when you meet her. She was in love with Jason, and he was the one who died. I think a lot of people don’t realize that maybe their love story wasn’t as treacherous as you think. I think she is a lot tougher than people think.

Which cast member is least like their character? They all kind of surprised me in their own way. I’m close friends with Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom. It’s always funny for me because she says the cattiest lines, and then you meet her and think, “You’re actually really sweet.” K.J. [Apa, who plays Archie] is the nicest person. He’s got a lot of that Archie quality already in him.

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