5 must-see moments from the 'Real Housewives of Toronto' episode two

By Courtney Shea

Last night on The Real Housewives of Toronto... Alliances are forming and bonds are being established which is good news for everyone—except Kara

1. Roxy and Kara face off in the park

Last week was all about insta-infamous “face hickey” scandal (to recap: Kara told Roxy she once had a bad cosmetic procedure done by Ann’s husband Dr. Stephen Mulholland and then Roxy tried to bring it up in front of everyone). This week the soon-to-be frienemies meet in the park to walk their dogs and settle their differences. Kara says Roxy needs to keep quiet and remember her duties as a “corporate wife.” Roxy says Kara needs to calm down and stop calling her a corporate wife already. The argument proves insurmountable as Kara tells Roxy that she had better “fasten [her] seatbelt”. (Presumably, these two are heading for a crash).

2. Kara shares her secret to a lasting romance

But who needs gal pals when you have date night with your dearly beloved? Kara and her husband Graham go for dinner, but before entering the restaurant they pause at the door and kiss for a full ten seconds. In a voice over Kara explains that they do this every time they smooch, because pecking is for hens (and apparently long awkward lip locks are for Kara). Safe to assume someone is laying the groundwork for a self-help tome on maintaining your marriage, ten seconds at a time?

3. Ann and Jana are on Team Commando

They only met last week, but Jana and Ann are sharing intimate details, including the fact that neither one is a fan of undergarments. In the limo on the way to Roxy’s Mexican fiesta party (the week’s central soirée), they debrief on a coffee date that Ann had with Kara, where Kara apologized for talking trash about Ann’s husband (that’s right—the face hickey incident), and Ann pretended to forgive her. Ann then reveals that she had a chance to peak under Kara’s dress (say what?), and spy on her bloomers…which leads to the whole anti-underwear bond.

4. Kara joins a fancy charity fundraising committee

Since she’s not exactly hitting it off with the other housewives, it’s nice to see Kara get asked to join the committee for the upcoming AMBI Gala—a flashy $25,000 a table fundraiser that takes place every year around TIFF. It’s a social coup that will no doubt feature in future episodes. For now, Kara is so thrilled that she quotes scripture: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

5. Roxy’s fiesta is high school with more expensive outfits

After the rumble in the dog park, Roxy decides not to invite Kara to her fiesta bash, which is fine because 1) Kara doesn’t drink and this party is all about tequila!, and 2) Who needs a piñata when you can take shots at the person who isn’t there? Kara's social ousting isn’t permanent though. Joan explains that she has invited her to next week’s dock party. Duh, duh, duhhhh……stay tuned.

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