5 must-see moments from 'Real Housewives of Toronto' episode three

By Courtney Shea

This week the Housewives left the city behind for cottage country in Muskoka to attend Joan’s annual dock party. Here are five of the episodes most memorable moments.

Joan throws “the party of the summer”

Every year Joan and her husband host a massive dock party. And we mean massive. There are bands, there is private security, there are 1000 hamburgers and there are a ton of guests, who may or may not realize that they are on camera. The Housewives are all invited and participate in what appears to be a round of competitive print wearing. (Roxy in the see-through paisley for the win). Unfortunately for Ann, her fun is ruined by heat stroke while Kara tries to play nice with the other wives.

Kara’s apology tour

Most reality show villains seem to delight in their bad girl/bad guy status, but poor Kara seems a little unwitting in this regard. Sensing that the other women are forming a clique without her, she invites Jana over to her place for a get-to-know-each-other date. Turns out the women share a love for Maca root smoothies, a revelation that leads to both women agreeing to put previous tension behind them. Later Joan visits Kara at her cottage, the day before her big party. Kara says that she’s worried she made a bad first impression, and Joan says it’s all water under the dock.

Ann proves there’s such a thing as cottage couture

Before heading up north via private plane, Ann makes a visit to her seamstress. Because cottage living is no reason to look anything less than 100. The items she brings in for tailoring include a fishing vest, a pair of thigh high fishing galoshes and a water ski suit.

Kara steals Roxy’s b-day theme

The week’s most significant drama occurred between former pals turned fierce rivals Roxy and Kara. After learning that she had been left off the guest list for Roxy’s tequila party last week, Kara announces to the women that she wants to have them all over for a “Rivello on Rosseau” party at her place next Wednesday. Sounds great except that Wednesday is Roxy’s b-day!!! Roxy tells the cameras that Kara totally knew about her plan to throw a “rustic Italian” bash of her own. This will not end well.

Keeping traditions alive

It's refreshing to see that Joan, Jana and Grego are truly close friends off camera, something that is not always the case in the Housewives franchise. They wear matching Fedoras, the have an affinity for Champagne and at Joan’s party they pull out their best Electric Circus dance moves. The episode concludes with all three engaging in their “tradition” of skinny dipping out to jump on the water trampoline.

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