Maripier Morin opens up about 'Hockey Wives' and her wedding wardrobe

By Erica Cupido

She’s a TV personality; he’s a professional hockey player. And together, Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust gives fans a glimpse into their lives every week on TV’s Hockey Wives (season premiere Apr. 19, W Network). “It’s been crazier than ever,” Maripier tells Hello!, reflecting on the upcoming third season of the show, which has documented a number of personal milestones in her life, including her engagement in Italy.

Such is the nature of a docu-series, cameras are ever-present, but after a decade of working in television in her native Quebec, Maripier is OK with that. At this point, says the star, “It’s kind of easy to let [the Hockey Wives crew] in and open the door to our private lives.” Ahead of the première, we spoke to the French-Canadian beauty, who is also one of Hello! Canada's Best Dressed, about being in the spotlight – and the message it allows her to share with young women.


Maripier stars in the third season of Hockey Wives premiering Apr. 19 on W Network.

Maripier, what brought you back to Hockey Wives?

I think the main reason I stayed on is because I want girls [to see] that you need to be independent and have your own career. No matter what happens in Brandon’s career, I have to pursue mine.

Did you ever have any reservations about sharing your life with viewers?

No, because when you do a show like Hockey Wives you have to be as open and generous as possible. Brandon and I don’t try to be something we’re not. We’re perfectly imperfect. I think that’s very relatable.

Viewers saw Brandon's romantic proposal to Maripier during a trip to Italy's Amalfi Coast.

We saw Brandon propose to you in Italy on the show. Will we see any wedding planning?

[ Laughs] We talk about it but it’s never really serious. We can never come up with an actual plan, so I don’t know if it’s ever going to happen.

‘Brandon and I don’t try to be something we’re not. We’re perfectly imperfect’

Have you given any thought to what you might wear?

I hate gowns, especially wedding gowns, so I don’t even know if I’ll do a dress. I might do a Tom Ford suit or something.

Do you and Brandon get recognized often?

It’s funny because the culture is very different in Quebec than in the rest of Canada. We went to a Toronto Blue Jays game last summer and I heard two girls scream, “MP!” I was so excited because I thought it was people I knew. They started running toward me and I realized I’d never seen these people before. It was kind of wild for me. In Quebec, people don’t ever do that.

What’s the best part about being on a show with Brandon?

We’ve created memories for the rest of our lives. We have images that we’ll be able to show our kids. Just for that reason, it’s pretty cool.

What have you and Brandon learned about each other from this experience?

We’re a really good team because we respect each other and support each other in pursuing our dreams. The love we have for each other is beyond what we do, it’s really about who we are.

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