'Silicon Valley' star Amanda Crew on playing a strong female character: 'She's never been the love interest'

By Erica Cupido

As Silicon Valley’s Monica, she’s well-versed in all things digital. In real life, Amanda Crew is, well, just like the rest of us. “I’m about as tech-savvy as most people in my generation,” the 30-year-old Canadian actress tells Hello! “I definitely can’t code websites!” The L.A.-based star, who has been part of the hilarious cast since the hit comedy’s debut in 2014, counts herself among its biggest fans.

Here, we catch up with Amanda as Silicon Valley’s fourth season (Sundays, HBO Canada) boots up and find out who makes her laugh and who leaves her starstruck.

Silicon Valley airs Sundays on HBO Canada Photo: © HBO

How does it feel to be back for a new season?

It’s such a good feeling. The set feels like home and the boys feel like brothers to me. It’s always just exciting to see to what they’ve dreamed up for the season.

Who makes you laugh the most on-set?

They all make me laugh but Thomas [Middleditch] especially. When we’re just hanging around … he does funny impersonations. He’s such a goofball.

Your character, Monica, is very accomplished at work but still trying to prove herself. Do you relate?

Totally. I’m always pushing myself to accomplish more. I feel proud to be playing such a strong female character. Monica has never been the love interest. She’s an incredible role model. It’s also given me cool opportunities to meet women that work in that world of business who identify with her.

A photo of Amanda CrewPhoto: © Getty Images

In your own life, what’s something you’ve done to push yourself?

I moved out to L.A. nearly 10 years ago. I could have continued living in Vancouver and working on cool things, but I wanted [the chance] to get bigger things. I had to make that decision when I was 21. It was terrifying. At first I thought I’d made a huge mistake, but it all worked out.

When you did make the move to LA, did anyone help you get settled?

The first movie I ever did was Final Destination 3 and the lead actress, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and I became really good friends. When I first came to visit, the first few times I slept on her couch. She’s been one of my longest and closest friends out here in L.A

Are there any apps you can’t live without?

Instagram is probably my favourite. Sometimes I have to take a break from it because I am on it non-stop. I’ve really got into the Instagram stories and feel like that’s where I’ve really shown my true colours.

‘I get starstruck seeing reality stars ... If Yolanda Hadid is around the corner, that’s who I want to talk to’

You also have experience on the other side of the camera.

Photography has always been a fun, creative outlet for me. I started a series of interviews and photos [called Frank], almost like a visual diary. It’s fun and low-pressure.

Season 4 coming at ya..... WHOOO! 

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Have you ever met someone you’re a fan of on the red carpet?

I get starstruck seeing reality stars because I watch a lot of reality TV. If I see one of the Real Housewives, I freak out, as opposed to saying, “Oh my God, it’s Tom Hanks.” Don’t get me wrong, seeing Tom Hanks is cool, but if Yolanda Hadid is around the corner, that’s who I want to talk to.

Which shows having you been watching lately?

I’m binge watching the second season of Love and also Big Little Lies. I’m trying not to read any spoilers because I’ll be so crushed.

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