Jerry O’Connell on filming ‘Carter’ in Canada and wife Rebecca Romijn’s love of Justin Trudeau

By: Meaghan Wray

There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Jerry O’Connell – or rather, Harley Carter. The family man is putting on his detective cap for Bravo’s new crime comedy show, Carter (May 15 at 8pm EST), which sees him trade in his Hollywood spotlight for small-town Canadian crime – and there’s nothing small about this role. “To [play] someone who is solving murders using television crime procedural guidelines really made me laugh,” Jerry told Hello! Canada in Toronto.

The backdrop of the show is North Bay, Ontario and its two beautiful lakes, and while it’s been a nice change of scenery from Jerry’s hometown of New York City, he’s not as outdoorsy as some of his fellow cast members. “My co-star, Toronto’s own Kristian Bruun, is a real, real outdoorsman. He loves going camping; he was always trying to get me to go to Algonquin Park,” Jerry explained. “But I just have a real respect for bears and wildlife – homie don’t play that!” Nope, the 44-year-old much prefers workout regimens and coiffed hair – and he owns it, too. “At my heart, I’m a cheesy TV actor. I spend way too much time doing my hair in the morning,” he joked. “And I get to really lean into those stereotypes as an actor. It’s really fun!”

Jerry may not be much of a camper, but he knows how important it is for kids to have time in the great outdoors. While filming the show, his wife and former supermodel Rebecca Romijn and their twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, 9, packed their bags and headed north for a few visits. “My daughters got their bathing suits on and jumped in the lakes. They finally put their iPads down and embraced nature,” he said with a laugh.

While in the Great White North, Rebecca may have been hoping to cross paths with a certain high-profile Canadian. “Prime Minister Trudeau is my wife’s Justin Bieber,” Jerry revealed. “She’s into how he looks, she’s into just what he stands for. My wife is really into him.” But in the end the 45-year-old had to settle for a sweet cameo on Jerry’s show… as his fictitious boss!

While it’s not the first time the two have hit the big screen together, Jerry says it’s always a blast and has strengthened their 11-year marriage. “We really enjoy it. The first couple of times we worked together, we did get into some pretty big fights, but I realized it was entirely my fault,” he shared. “I was telling my wife was to do, and [she’s] a very capable actress, some would argue better than I am.”

While the actors are both perfect fits for their jobs, Jerry admits that being a cop definitely wouldn’t be in his wheelhouse if he were to say goodbye to stardom. “That job is way too hard. What other jobs are there where they like, put makeup on you and make you feel really good about yourself? Maybe at a cosmetics counter,” he said, joking that he’d love a job where he can “continually concentrate” on his hair. Then, the self-proclaimed lover of reality TV turned to one of the biggest stars of all for further career inspiration. “Maybe a makeup line for me,” he said, brainstorming ideas. “Carter Concealer? Maybe I’ll be like Kylie!”

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