Listen to Jessie Buckley's incredible singing voice in world exclusive Wild Rose clip

Are you going to watch Wild Rose?

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Although Wild Rose won't be out in cinemas until Friday 12 April, we have already heard plenty about the critically acclaimed drama musical, which follows a rule breaking young mum from Scotland who is desperate to begin a new life in Nashville as a country western singer. Before the film's cinema and soundtrack release on Friday, watch the first full length clip showcasing Jessie Buckley's amazing voice.

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In the clip, the actress, who plays Rose Lynne, is filming herself singing in front of her friend, Susannah, and children, and feels subconscious until she finally sings one of the soundtrack songs, Peace in this House. Jessie has previously opened up about the exciting role, telling Sky News: "She's just like an explosive, tenacious, bold, brassy, irreverent fun bag… and in amongst that she's got this vulnerability and heart to her," she says. "So it was just a complete and utter joy to read [the script] and Nicole Taylor is such an incredible writer. [Director] Tom Harper who I'd worked with… I mean, he could've told me to do anything and I'd be like, 'yeah, sure, what are we doing?' But yeah, I just loved the script the minute I read it."

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Sophie Okenedo plays Susannah

Wild Rose also stars Julie Walters as Marion, and Sophie Okenedo as Susannah. Some fans managed to see the film earlier, and took to Twitter to discuss it, with one person writing: "Just seen Wild Rose. Jessie Buckley was incredible. The soundtrack was amazing. Now I want to go to Nashville," while another person added: "I feel the best way of quantifying just how good Jessie Buckley is in Wild Rose is that she moved me to actual tears with a line of dialogue that features the word 'mince' three times."

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