Best of 2014: Celebrity hair makeovers

By Sarah Kelsey

When it comes to a celeb's most important assets, few are as impactful as their hair. By changing it they can dramatically alter their appearance and, seemingly, personality - for roles or in their everyday lives.

Do A-list blonds have more fun? How are we to know until one of our favourite brunette starlets takes the peroxide plunge?

Scroll down for the gallery...

Looking back over the past year, it's clear that one of the biggest beauty trends was for stars to oscillate between blond and brunette. Left and right we saw women trying on new looks. There was Elizabeth Olsen, who traded in her light locks for something darker, and Britney Spears who attempted the same.

Some stars chopped their hair dramatically – we're looking at you Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift – while others went for bold bangs (ahem, Beyoncé). Riskier still are those famous folks who took their manes to the outer limits of the style spectrum. Katy Perry's constantly changing hair hue is a good example, as is Demi Lovato‘s move to wear rainbow-coloured extensions.

It's all in a hair-raising day of work for a few of our favourite A-listers.


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