#HELLOwaist: Join Hello! Canada staffers Ally Dean and Carli Whitwell on their quest for curves using waist training

By Ally Dean and Carli Whitwell

After one of the coldest winters on record and with its many mac-and-cheese-filled evenings hibernating under Hudson’s Bay blankets in our chunky Acne knits, we were both feeling the pressure to shape up as the mercury started to climb.

Working on the “Countdown to Summer” guide in Hello! Canada issue 443 (which hits newsstands on April 9!) didn't hurt either, and we decided that now is the perfect time to jump-start our healthy lifestyles. Luckily, thanks to celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Christina Hendricks, Kate Upton and Gigi Hadid, we can do so while happily embracing our natural curves.

(A little background on us: Neither one of us is genetically programmed to waif setting, nor are our lifestyles . We blame the tantalizing and never-ending stash of candy at the Hello! Canada offices and the endless cocktails and canapés on offer at industry events. Hard life, we know.)

To emphasize their feminine silhouettes, some of our role models, from Jessica Alba to Kim Kardashian, are turning to waist training, the practice of using girdles or corsets to sculpt an hourglass shape previously seen only on the likes of Jessica Rabbit.

And of course we had to try – and share our undergarment adventure with you! For the next 30 days, both of us will be waist training and blogging our weekly updates, progress and general impressions on hellomagazine.ca.

For us, it made perfect sense to go through this together. Not only can we cheer each other on, but we are also quite different studies when it comes to health and fitness.

Fashion & beauty editor and self-professed "lazy girl" Ally says her cardio comes from running to fashion previews and beauty events (all while juggling press materials, a Venti Starbucks and her Dior So Real sunglasses) - let’s call it a fashion-forward version of weight training. Waist training, she hopes, will be the kickstart she needs to accomplish her 2015 fitness goals.

Senior writer Carli , on the other hand, is a fitness fanatic. She loves to exercise (sick, we know) and works out at least four times a week – whether it’s spin class, jogging, interval or strength training. The role model of our office fitness circle , the aim behind her corseted crash course is to boost the results from her relatively healthy lifestyle just in time for her brother’s upcoming wedding.

To give you an idea of what we’ll be going through, here’s how the process works. Most modern waist trainers are made of latex. Wearing this for up to 10 hours a day (once you work up to it!) will heat up the core, causing you to sweat more and eventually reduce waist size up to three inches, according to Ruben Soto, the CEO and founder of HourglassAngel.com. As the head of one of North America’s leading shapewear companies, we turned to Ruben and his team to help whittle our waists.

Wearing a waist trainer will also make you fuller faster and with less food. And the results can be immediate. “ You will see a slimmer waistline as soon as you put it on due to the contouring effects of the corset. For best results, customers should continue to wear the garments on a daily basis,” Ruben tells Hello!


Intrigued? We thought so. Follow our journey on our blog on hellomagazine.ca and on Twitter - @AllyEDean and @CarliWhitwell with the hashtag #HELLOwaist. We’ll check in on April 2 after a day of wearing the corsets and then every week after. Wish us luck!

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