#HELLOwaist: Carli and Ally on their third week of waist-training

By Ally Dean and Carli Whitwell

Well, it's working. We've both swapped our corsets for smaller sizes and dropped a few inches. But while one of us manages to forget it's on, the other needed a few days vacation. Follow the #HELLOwaist hashtag on Twitter and read our other blogs to get all the details!

Carli Whitwell, Senior Writer, @carliwhitwell:

Three weeks in and waist training has become as natural as brushing my teeth. In the morning, I shuffle into the bathroom with my corset in hand and faithfully button it up post-shower, typically forgetting about it until mid-afternoon.

Even those around me seem used to it. It’s no longer raising eyebrows at the gym. And even my grandmother – who lauded my temporary “celebrity” status (Ally and I appeared on the editors’ letter page of a recent issue of the magazine) – seems to have forgotten my quest for curves judging by our recent phone conversations.

But I’m as dedicated as ever! Especially because wearing it to workouts has been the most surprising effect. Hourglass Angel says my band will “help ensure that my workout is working for me” by making me sweat more – and boy does it ever.

After a routine strength training class, my waist trainer was dripping wet – so much that I didn't want to put it back on after my shower because it was so clammy! (Apologies to my cubicle mates who had to stare at it hanging from my cubby.) My core feels stronger and I’m sure my waist is more defined. Husband says yes, but there was fear in his eyes, so I’m not sure I believe him.

Can I say wearing the waist trainer has continued to have an effect on what I eat? Maybe. But maybe not. Monday night I did, after all, make a late-night (read: 8 p.m.) trek to the Bulk Barn around the corner from my condo for some bubble gum and gummy worms.

As of tomorrow, there’s officially one week left of waist training. We’re in the final stretch now and we’re going down a size in corsets. Will our waists, too?

Stay tuned!

Ally Dean, Fashion & Beauty Editor, @allyedean:

I have a confession; I fell off the waist-training wagon. Somewhere between happy hour on Friday and brunch Saturday morning my desire to buckle up became null and void. (In my defence, devouring a batch of Ricotta pancakes without the restriction of a waistband is a siren call few can ignore.)

I may have felt badly about my transgression, had the results of my three weeks strapped in not been so awesome. Without the waist band, my mid section still looked trim, flat and notably smaller than it was a month ago. My posture has improved and even without the rigid, straight-back effects of the corset I found myself walking like an off-duty ballerina, tall and poised.

I spent three days blissfully corset-free and thought there was no going back. I contemplated the various ways to rationalize my non-corseted waist to my colleagues. “I don’t want to look too fantastic and get a big head.” Altruistic with an undertone of modesty, they would totally buy it. But then, something miraculous (and unexpected) happened.

You know the feeling you get after a vacation spent luxuriating in variations of sweat pant/leggings? That moment when you finally head back to work and are actually excited to put on your “professional” uniform? It's the same craving you have for high heels after a weekend spent barefoot at the cottage.

And that, friends, is what I felt for my corset! A desire I’ve never felt for any kind of workout, I must add.

Just as flannel pyjamas lose their appeal after Christmas holiday, a mini-break was all I needed to joyfully buckle into my corset and head to the office. Did I notice a difference after my three-day hiatus? None, whatsoever. What’s more, wearing my waist trainer once served as a constant source of distraction, but now it’s as monotonous as putting on mascara or a mist of perfume— it is just part of the morning routine.

Frankly, I’m hooked. Heading into the final week of our training challenge, I’m not counting down the days until my liberation. Instead, I feel as though waist training will now, and forever more, just be part of my daily ritual. But my smaller (down 2 inches!) corset just arrived from Hourglass Angels, so stay tuned…

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